Sairento VR - PlayStation VR Review

Become a Ninja!

Game Info:

  • System: PSVR, PC
  • Publisher: Perp Games
  • Developer: Mixed Realms and Swag Soft
  • Digital Release Date: July 5, 2019
  • Physical Release Date: August 13, 2019

Who it Caters to

Sairento-VR-game-1 Sairento VR - PlayStation VR Review
Virtual reality games are truly getting better and better with each passing day. From indie developers to triple A devs, the blocky VR games we started with several years ago have grown to immerse you in worlds only dreams could create. Sairento VR originally released in 2016 as a PC only title but was regarded as one of the better VR experiences seen even back in the early days of the genre. Now in 2019, the PSVR has nabbed Sairento VR and we couldn’t wait to enter the future to become ninja ourselves. Was the nearly three year long wait worth it? Look down below as we review Sairento VR and see if our dreams of becoming ninja became a reality or a horrible nightmare.

What to Expect

Sairento-VR-game-1 Sairento VR - PlayStation VR Review
Sairento VR is a virtual reality action title that puts you in the role of a futuristic ninja. Using various weapons such as guns and swords, you must defeat various baddies before it’s too late. You’ll need to run, dodge bullets, deflect bullets and shoot enemies in order to take back your home from these evil cyber terrorists. Liberate yourself from the real world as you feel like a true ninja in Sairento VR.


Sairento-VR-game-1 Sairento VR - PlayStation VR Review
In the year 2066, the world has advanced thanks to cybernetic companies like Sairento. Japan leads the world in technological breakthroughs making it a prime target for those who wish to destroy its reign. That’s where agents like Chieko Hatsuri come into play. With her ninja skills and cybernetic enhancements, Chieko has kept the Tokyo Cluster safe from threats, but in the course of one day, all her efforts go down in fire. Sairento is targeted and Chieko now must scramble to salvage the company and stop this terrorist plot. Chieko must hurry though as she will soon learn the dark reality these terrorists plan and Japan won’t be the only target in their sights…


Sairento-VR-game-1 Sairento VR - PlayStation VR Review
Many of us here at Honey’s Anime can tell you that secretly, we all wanted to be ninja at one point in our lives. The idea of going around fighting baddies with a cool katana or wall running and jumping incredible distance just seemed like a dream come true if we could become ninja. Sairento VR has given our dreams a way of becoming real at least if you don’t mind trading in dark colored garb that hides your identity from evil forces for a VR headset. The latter seems less dangerous so we didn’t mind placing our PSVR headsets on and entering the world of Sairento VR. Here is our full review of Sairento VR for the PSVR!

Sairento VR has players taking the role of Chieko Hatsuri who just so happens to be a cyber enhanced ninja from the year 2066. Chieko works for Sairento alongside her partner/handler Broke, but things go astray quickly when a nefarious organization tries to plunge the entire world by destroying Sairento internally. Now Chieko—aka you—must rise up from this chaos and deal out justice the best way possible in a game, by slashing baddies with swords and shooting them with dual pistols. While the story of Sairento VR will make you laugh at its insanely ridiculous and cliché plot, the gameplay will more than make up for its downfall as Sairento VR is a ton of fun.

Early on you’ll learn the gist of how Sairento VR plays. Most of your movements mimic what a ninja could do such as run on walls, jump from platform to platform and move around as if you were teleporting. This is where Sairento VR soars, the movement. From the gate, you will feel each leap of faith as you jump off large buildings or from rooftop to rooftop. Teleporting around and then jumping above an enemy or wall running and slash an enemy from behind is exciting and never gets old even after doing it a million times. That’s one element that truly remarkable about Sairento VR, you become a ninja even if its just within a VR world.

Now aside from moving around like a ninja, you can fight like one too…at least from a fictional ninja standpoint. Chieko is able to equip a large arsenal of weapons that range from her duel katana/dual pistols, a powerful scythe, various rifles and the list goes on. Each weapon feels incredibly satisfying to blast enemies to pieces with. Running around swinging your sword or scythe feels natural and if you get really good you can even deflect bullets back at enemies or block them in general. On easier difficulty settings, Sairento VR is a bit too easy to kill enemies that range from sumo-like baddies or teleporting witch ninja. Don’t expect to struggle with Sairento VR unless you boost the difficulty up several notches.

Outside the story mode, Sairento VR also offers several other gameplay modes such as a mission mode where you take on various challenges and a multiplayer mode where 4 vs 4 teams duke it out. Sairento VR offers a nice mix of modes to keep you from growing bored and the mission mode will test your ninja skills as you gain new skills, weapons and try to advance to even harder challenges. We didn’t spend too much time with multiplayer, but from what we’ve seen, it adds a nice extra mode for friends or online strangers to test their ninja mettle!

Lastly, we will say Sairento VR looks pretty darn good for a PSVR title. While we noticed VR games—especially on the PS4—have been improving visually, we still owe it to companies like Mixed Realms and Swag Soft for giving their worlds a bit of nice depth. We do wish there were more enemy variants and some of the environment pieces looked better, but we won’t nit pick and say it ruins anything. Sairento VR looks good enough to warrant its price tag and that’s what matters.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Sairento-VR-game-1 Sairento VR - PlayStation VR Review
The whole point of virtual reality is to liberate you from the feelings of being on a couch and just playing a game. That’s what makes Sairento VR such an amazing game. Running around on walls, jumping huge gaps, swinging your swords and using your weapons makes you feel immersed in a VR world that few games can do well. While the combat in Sairento VR can become almost laughably easy at times—especially if you swing your swords like you’re having a fit—the feeling you get while playing is second to none. There were times where we jumped off a wall and flew through the air and almost felt the impact of landing that it made us feel air bound in real life! Sairento VR is easily one of the better VR experiences we’ve ever played! You want to be a ninja but don’t want to endanger yourself in the real-world? Then buy Sairento VR for the PSVR and become the virtual ninja you were destined to be!

Honey's Pros:

  • Excellent feeling of being a ninja
  • Wide array of weapons to unlock that all feel different
  • Plenty of missions to enjoy with a full campaign that offers a fun story
  • Impressive graphics for a PSVR title

Honey's Cons:

  • Combat can be extremely easy at times with your twin swords
  • Don’t expect too much of a challenge unless you crank the game up to the highest difficulties

Honey's Final Verdict:

Sairento-VR-game-1 Sairento VR - PlayStation VR Review
Sairento VR is easily one of the better ninja-themed VR titles out there as it gives you the feeling of being a true ninja. Jumping off walls and flying through the air has never felt so liberating before in a VR title and while combat is a bit weak in Sairento VR, the feelings this title gives makes up for those downfalls. If you can forgive the sometimes overly easy way of killing enemies and if you own a PSVR, you need to download Sairento VR ASAP! Have you been longing to play Sairento VR for yourself and become a virtual ninja? Comment below to let us know! For even more VR game reviews and gaming articles, keep close to us here at Honey’s Anime!

Sairento-VR-game-1 Sairento VR - PlayStation VR Review


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