Original Anime Sekkai Eightraid Announces 3 New Characters While Quietly Removing Itself From Spring Broadcasts

Sekkai Eightraid

Action, Fantasy

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Digital Network Animation

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In our world, there are innumerable "Sekkai", potential parallel universes.

The current world and Sekkai are constantly connected by a portal called "Prism," and sometimes, matter and energy flows between the two worlds.

One day, monsters known as "Eights" come through Prisms that have opened up across the world and attack! Humanity rises up in opposition to face this unprecedented crisis using a strange power called "Skuld" which allows them to manifest the power of tomorrow, today.

The government gathers proficient Skuld users to send them into battle. Establishing the elite government soldier organization for annihilation called "Norn," the elite annihilation military operation is simply called "Eightraid."

After years of fierce fighting, the attacks from the Eights have left capital cities in ruin. In the middle of all of this, Norn finds a young boy who can wield an ancient weapon known as Ragnadragoon. His name is Asuma and they are successfully able to bring him into the army.

Considered humanity’s ace in the hole, can he properly protect the world from the Eights?

Characters & Voice Actors List

Asuma Yuuhara

Voice Actor: Yoshinobu Sena

Asuma's life that he lived was completely unrelated to Skuld, but due to a certain incident, his Skuld powers began to awaken. He can wield the fiery power of the Rangadragoon, an ancient weapon, so he was attached to the 53rd platoon as a private of Norn. He is shy with a penchant to think negatively. He is also timid which means he can overreact to the words of others. He shoulders the responsibility of this hardship due to his personality not allowing him to refuse anything.

Elena Aragaki

Voice Actor: Ayana Taketatsu

Elena is a returnee who lived in America from the ages of ten to fifteen. However, because she attended a Japanese school there, she cannot speak English at all. She is one fourth Russian. She has a refreshing personality and can be obliging, but on the inside, she is lonely. She appears to be constructing good relationships with others, but they are never anything more than shallow. Elena is innocent and tends to see everything in black and white. She hates losing and stands firm in her hopes and dreams. Elena’s dream in the future is to be a singer and her hobby is films. She is in charge of the vanguard forward unit.

Rino Nagasaku

Voice Actor: Yui Ogura

Rino’s Skuld power, ‘Power Hulk’ allows her to power up both her own and other’s powers. She is a member of the 53rd platoon. An aficionado of philosophy, she holds her own personal beliefs in high regard which can lead to her sometimes being argumentative as well.

Makoto Nanase

Voice Actor: Minako Kotobuki

Makoto is the commanding platoon leader of the 53rd Platoon that Asuma and the others belong to. She respects society’s rules and strongly believes that her responsibility to maintain their validity.


Voice Actor: Nanaka Suwa

Harua is an operator in Norn’s mission command. She frequently operates with the 53rd platoon. She tends to put others before herself and enjoys obliging others.


Main Staff
  • Director: Yoshinobu Sena
  • Script: Yoshinobu Sena
  • Original Illustrator: Lululu Kondou, Yuugen
  • Music: Tetsuya Kobayashi

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