Samurai Detective Game Master Magistrate Gets Release Date

MasterMagistrate_PressRelease_2020-04-30-560x315 Samurai Detective Game Master Magistrate Gets Release Date

What You Need to Know:

  • The samurai detective visual novel Master Magistrate, created by Yamagata-based developer IRODORI and localized by ShiraVN, has been set to emerge from Steam Early Access on June 12, 2020, with the release of the second half of the story.
  • Master Magistrate’s calling cards are its fast-paced twisting plot, lovable characters, and detailed historical influences. Its intense fight scenes make liberal use of a distinctive brush-based art style. Over four primary chapters extending over 20 hours, the stakes gradually escalate to a fever pitch.
  • The existing Early Access release featured only the first three chapters, around half of the story. Each chapter represents a separate case. In each case, players will get to meet the suspects and better know their allies and enemies before moving between different locations and interviewing witnesses to piece together more evidence. Finally the case will come to trial and, as prescribed by historical Japanese law, the player will preside as magistrate—judge and jury in one—to uncover the truth and bring justice to the criminal. A samurai’s best weapon may be his sword, but the magistrate’s words are his weapon.
  • The Steam release of Master Magistrate supports English and Simplified Chinese. Translation of all chapters and character routes is complete and editing is in the final stages. Meanwhile, the first three chapters are already available in Steam Early Access. Master Magistrate will retail for $29.99 USD with a 20% launch discount at release.

Source: Official Press Release

The Story of Master Magistrate

Chapter 1: Ouka Riot
Meet the people of Oukacho, the samurai police of the shogunate, and the warrior vigilantes of the Shinsengumi. A young girl is found covered in blood⁠—standing over the gory corpse of a ferryman, brutally murdered in his own home. How did she do it? Could she somehow be innocent? And if she didn't⁠ do it—who did?

Chapter 2: Burnout Engine
When a fire breaks out in a residential building, the Magistrate's Office's star mechanic Rimu is there to save the day. In the aftermath, though, it falls to the magistrate to investigate the cause. A sushi salesman, a petty brigand, and Rimu's mentor all witnessed the fire, but can you cut through the flames of confusion and lies and sift truth from the ashes?

Chapter 3: Tempered Steel
The town's biggest moneylender is dead in his basement, and the town's most famous thief is back from the dead and admitting to the crime. Is he telling the truth? What could he be hiding, and why? And why has a man who should have been executed spent the last sixteen years in a dungeon?

Chapter 4: Shogun’s Justice
A series of atrocities roils the city. Could the roots of conspiracy stretch deeper still into the past—and wider in the present? Can those roots be severed or will they strangle the future—and nourish themselves on the magistrate’s blood?

Character Routes
These additional, romantic branching stories focus on the female members of the cast and will be hosted off-Steam as a separate, free patch. This patch, which will also release on June 12, 2020, will contain mature sexual content and is intended only for players over the age of 18.

MasterMagistrate_PressRelease_2020-04-30-560x315 Samurai Detective Game Master Magistrate Gets Release Date
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MasterMagistrate_PressRelease_2020-04-30-560x315 Samurai Detective Game Master Magistrate Gets Release Date
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