-Kickin It Old School- Sangawa Project 2016 Pre-info!

Summary of “said” Event

The Sangawa Project is another wonderful convention put on by the Japanese Cultural Society of Pittsburgh. A big part of what sets this convention apart is you must be 18+ to enter. The older Otaku among us have a chance to sit down and debate the finer things in life: what’s the best gaming system, Atari vs Kelico Vision? Who’s hotter, Princess Allura of Voltron Lion Force or Ginger of Voltron Vehicle Force. And then there’s the classic discussion that has divided houses for decades, Macross or Robotech? The Sangawa Project will be showcasing panels on topics ranging from cosplay techniques and tips to Mecha and Magical Girls. You don’t have to worry about blushing the entire time, either; despite the 18+ threshold to attend not all the events are hentai in nature. The 18+ tag just gives presenters free reign to tackle topics and use language that may not be appropriate for all ages. The attendees will get the chance share their love of current anime as well as visit panels on food, culture and (for the over 21 crowd) Japanese libations.
The Sangawa Project Official Website: http://www.sangawaproject.com/


Yurei, Yokai, & School Girls

This panel will take a look at Japanese myth & lore shown in various anime as well as list the various types of yurei, yokai and oni that tend to pop up.

Noir Anime

Noir is a special subgenre of crime fiction, and it’s a popular style of anime often paired with other genres such as sci-fi or mystery. Digging through the underbelly of their urban landscapes, this panel will include an exploration of themes such as illicit medical experimentation and terrorism.

Horrors of Hentai

You think you've seen weird? You ain't seen nothing yet! Let’s delve into the never-ending weird that is hentai, both on the page and on the screen.

What the @$!#: Japan?!

Japan. Home of the rising Sun and anime. Beautiful culture and some pretty weird @$!#:&. Want to see more? Come to the dark corners of Japan where weirdness is all around.


Boys love Bingo is finally at Sangawa! Your favorite dirty gameshow from Tekkoshocon has arrived and they're ready to get nasty! Hot, sexy, naked bishonen are displayed on screen with bingo numbers. A PRIZE for every winner! There are lots of things to win so come join your host Venus in this seriously sexy game show!

Sengoku Era Figures & Their Media Portrayals

Discuss famous historical figures from the Sengoku era and how they're portrayed in various media. Also included, historical tidbits of each figure as well as a picture of them in real life for comparison.

Special Guests

sangawa-project-logo2-700x395 -Kickin It Old School- Sangawa Project 2016 Pre-info!

Todd Haberkorn

Todd is a voice actor giving voice to Natsu from Fairy Tale, Italy from Hetalia, Ling Yao from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Allen Walker from D. Gray Man -- to mention a few. He also has a busy career running his own production company shooting commercials and shorts.
For more info & Prof image is from : http://www.sangawaproject.com/todd-haberkorn/

sangawa-project-logo2-700x395 -Kickin It Old School- Sangawa Project 2016 Pre-info!

Josh Grelle

Josh Grelle has been working in voice work for over 10 years. After starting with ADV Films in January 2004, and began working for FUNimation Entertainment in 2006. Since then, he has starred in numerous titles; his most famous being Kenichi in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple and Yuki in Future Diary.
For more info & Prof image is from : http://www.sangawaproject.com/josh-grelle/

sangawa-project-logo2-700x395 -Kickin It Old School- Sangawa Project 2016 Pre-info!

Charles Dunbar

Returning this year to Sangawa 2016, Charles Dunbar, a fan favorite for his poignant, insightful, yet playful discussions that examine the mythological and anthropological significance of various Japanese media. Charles will be presenting several panels, including: Giant Robot Mythology, Japan Through Literature,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
For more info: http://www.studyofanime.com/

Place / location

Double Tree by Hilton in Greentree, PA

Length of event

December 9th-11th, 2016

How much does it cost?

When you register by August 31st, a General Admission badge is $30!
When you register by October 31st, a General Admission badge is $35!
When you register at the door (December 9th-11th), a General Admission badge is $40!

*Note* Preregistration closes December 1st!

Hotels & Transportation

You can use the booking portal to get a special rate at the Double Tree Hilton until Nov. 26th or until they are sold out.

You can also find a booking nearby at the Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh West Green Tree, Hampton Inn Pittsburgh/Green Tree and the Days Inn Pittsburgh.

What to Expect

Sangawa Project isn’t a huge convention, only attracting 300 people in 2015, but that is one of the things that makes it wonderful. You will be able to engage with the special guests and panelists as well as other fans on a more in-depth level. The panelists will also be free to really tell you what they think without having to worry about keeping their dialogues all-age appropriate. You will also most likely find anime fans that have a deeper knowledge of anime and not just fan boys/girls of the most current popular series. You shouldn’t worry if you don’t have a post-graduate degree in anime studies. The environment is an accepting one with panelists and fellow fans willing to teach and share their love for anime, because love of Japanese culture is what Sanagawa Project is all about.

To Enjoy Oneself

You need to remember that unlike most anime conventions in the US, this one serves alcohol. Bring a form of photo identification; it’s required to attend the Sangawa Project. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license, state ID, passport, military ID, or a college ID with a birth date. In addition, for 21+ events, you will be carded at the door, so keep your ID handy.

You really want to make sure your Uber/Lyft app is ready to go or you have a room at the hotel, the Green Tree Double Tree. The programming goes late and the and the 21+ events (drinking related) mean reserving a hotel room or having a standby ride to your hotel or home will make your Sangawa experience fuller and safer!

While the registration staff will still be able to locate your registration, bringing a printed copy of the confirmation email will ensure a swift and problem-free registration process.

sangawa-project-logo2-700x395 -Kickin It Old School- Sangawa Project 2016 Pre-info!


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