Sanrio character "Aggressive Retsuko" animated and aired from April in TV show "King's brunch"!!

What You Need to Know:

  • Sanrio's original character 'Aggressive Retsuko' has been announced to become a short anime, every week from April in the famous TV program "King's Brunch".
  • The main character is Retsuko, an office lady working in Kyalaree-man company. Her dreamed image of being an office lady was fantastic, but the reality is completely different. Her boss, and the poeple around are very "characteristic", and the gap between her opinion against how she reacts to it is hilarious!
  • The animation is created by Rareko, an animator who is very famous for Yawaraka sensha, an award winning anime!
The official PV

Source: Official site

honeys anime character
I've always only watched King's brunch on Sunday morning but now I need to watch the afternoon section as well!

honeys anime character
I love Sanrio charaters! I'm definitely looking forward for this one as well!