Sealed with a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ - iOS Review

You are the Hero!

Game Info:

  • System: iOS, Android
  • Publisher: AbracadabraGames
  • Developer: AbracadabraGames
  • Release Date: August 30th, 2017

Who it Caters to

Come one, come all; if you love otome games, tune in as we talk about Sealed with a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ by AbracadabraGames. AbracadabraGames has brought over otome games of all types from BL games to reverse harem to your smart phone, but today, we are exploring a reverse harem under the name of Sealed with a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~. This is a dark fantasy game featuring several dark princes of your choosing. If you have ever wanted to be the heroine of your own reverse harem fantasy, well, why not start now with this mobile game?

What to Expect

In Sealed with a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~, we have ourselves a main character dubbed the “heroine”. When you first start playing, you will get to pick your own first and last name by which the other characters will address you by, but you will always be the heroine.

You will have to decide on which prince you want to engage with and each day, you will receive 5 tickets to advance your story, much like many other mobile otome games. Throughout the story, you will be given a chance at making a decision that will ultimately increase or decrease the affection between you and your prince. As your affection increases, you will be able to unlock new CGs and scenarios!

Sealed With a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ Official Trailer


You are chosen as the Hero, but what does that even mean for you? The Dark Lord has captured you and is holding you as his captive. He gives his sons one objective in order to take over the throne: win you as their bride. You are the one who will decide on who becomes the next Dark Lord. The world’s fate is in your hands.

The story described for Sealed With a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ sounds quite epic indeed, however the actual story does not play out that way at all. First of all, from the start, you are already deemed the Hero, but in fact, you have done nothing to earn that title. Even as the game plays out, aside from being the one to pick the next Dark Lord and doing something kind of mediocre that astounds everyone (capture a cute animal in a tournament?), there’s nothing amazing about you that makes you stand out as a heroine. You are probably mediocre in every way.


If you have never played a mobile otome game before, you might be confused as to how it all works. In the case of Sealed With a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~, you are given 5 tickets a day to advance the story. The tickets reset every day at 4AM Japan Standard Time, and no, they do not accumulate. That means you either use them or lose them, so use them! Each ticket will advance the story one chapter, although each chapter is probably worth maybe 30~40 lines of dialogue, which may irritate those who want to know more faster. For those looking for a casual game, it keeps you from being hooked and trying to play more.

Right from the beginning, after the plot plays out, you are given the option of picking between Kyle or Al. Apparently you are given the option of trying them both out and if you don’t fall for either of them, you can pick someone else after a certain period of time, although we didn’t try this out; it was merely something that they stipulated as a condition. We believe it may be true as there are 5 love interests that you will see ingame, as well as the addition of keys that allow you to switch your love interest, so don’t feel locked in should you have picked incorrectly! That being said, it seems that the butler with an eye patch and Ash are not romanceable so don’t hold out for them even if you really want to!

At first, while playing the game, we weren’t so sure it was going to be that interesting. The plot appeared to be mediocre considering it played out through dialogue, however once it got going, there were a lot of moe parts and we got really excited to see how it played through. Sometimes, we were really irritated that the game did not give us more tickets unless we paid money, but we also know how addiction plays into that.

The CGs created for Sealed With a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ were quite well made considering the mobile platform. We were impressed by the detail put into each character. The backgrounds were fairly nice as well. Our only complaint would be about Ash who, despite being relatively important to the main character, does not get a CG!

Outside of the otome game itself, Sealed With a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ features a way of “charming up” your character in a kind of battle system where you pit your avatar against another and the result is based on your elegance points. The more often you win, the more gold and elegance you gain. This is especially useful when you hit those special missions that require you to advance through a mission you are ill prepared for.

Speaking of missions, you will come across missions every once in awhile that will require you to either purchase an item with platinum—an in game purchase you have to fund with real money—in order to see a special event or get the sweet route, or you have to settle for the normal route and skip the special event if you don’t have the resources. Sometimes, if you pick the normal route, you will also have to pay a certain amount of gold to buy an item you need to advance forward. This is where the Charm Up feature is really handy. Luckily, you gain stamina every 3 minutes so expect to have 20 stamina to Charm Up around every hour.

You can also use your gold—or platinum, if you can buy it—to buy cute items for your avatar to up her charm and elegance. This makes each avatar special in appearance. You can even do this for your romantic partner in the game, which is an added bonus, if that suits your fancy. Dress him up as you please!

Honey's Gameplay Consensus

As far as a mobile otome game goes, Sealed with a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ is quite comparable to others. You get to pick between a handful of charming princes who want nothing more than your attention. Plus, you follow along a storyline by using up your daily tickets making a story last weeks! The story is simple and uncomplicated. If you’re looking for something deeper with more depth to its story and characters, Sealed with a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ is not for you, but it is if you want something cute to play in your spare time.

Honey's Pros:

  • Queen-style White Dress Event Code
  • Pre-release events
  • Special stories can be unlocked by paying platinum
  • Charm Up feature adds a little bit more gameplay
  • Unlock special events and complete missions by purchasing new outfits or accessories
  • 5 Dark Princes to choose from
  • Ability to change clothes, do make up, change accessories to increase charm

Honey's Cons:

  • Frequent spelling/grammatical errors
  • Game is slow to load and requires frequent loading
  • Tickets are used quickly without really advancing the story much and are only replenished once a day
  • Relies heavily of in-game purchases of Platinum to get items and advance on
  • It is hard to unlock special scenes without purchasing Platinum
  • Seth isn’t a playable character
  • There’s no CG for Ash

Honey’s Final Verdict

Sealed with a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ is not a game for every otome game fan, but it has its high and low points. If you are used to the mobile otome game genre, Sealed with a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ may be right up your alley, but if you have had a taste of otome games from the likes of Otomate and the like, Sealed with a Kiss ~Bride of an Asmodian~ might be just a little too simple for you. For those of you reading this review, share your thoughts about the game. Do you think it might be fore you? Do you prefer more complex otome games? What do you think of the mobile otome game genre? Share your thoughts all in the comments below!


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