Sekai no Yamizukan - Spring 2017

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Sekai no Yamizukan

Supernatural, Horror, Thriller

Airing Date:
April 3 2017


Honey’s Highlights

bee-happy2 Sekai no Yamizukan - Spring 2017
Choo Choo! All aboard the Horror express!
bee-happy2 Sekai no Yamizukan - Spring 2017
Oh no! I cannot watch this. This looks way too scary.
bee-happy2 Sekai no Yamizukan - Spring 2017
Yeah, Mo-chan this is not for you. I can see already that this is just like Yami Shibai.
bee-happy2 Sekai no Yamizukan - Spring 2017
This is similar to Kagewani and Kagewani shou too. They are all short anime just like this one.

Official Images / Key Visuals


Sekai no Yamizukan details the stories of UFOs, UMAs, curses, ancient civilizations, ESP, psychic experiences, mystery cases, other dimensions, urban legends, and more in an omnibus format. The stories will depict those things that may live on the other side of the dimension we live in in a sort of kamishibai story-style.

Three Episode Impression

Sekai no Yamizukan is a short, horror anime this season. Each episode is different, but follows a rather similar pattern. The story starts out as something seeming normal or feasible, but then it takes a dark turn, and rather than telling some sort of story, it has a horrific ending. There is no real moving animation, but rather a lot of still shots and movements of those still shots. It’s not bad by any means. Still though, Yamishibai was better at storytelling. However, if you find yourself into horror shorts where it gets spooky right at the end, then this is right up your alley! Don’t take our word for it though, check it out.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Takumi Saitou


Theme Songs
  • Ending Song: Me to me by MONO NO AWARE

Main Staff
  • Director: Noboru Iguchi, Kazufumi Nakahira, Takashi Iitsuka, Ryouhei Ueno
  • Script: Oolongta Yoshida
  • Music: Yasuhiko Fukuda

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