Summer Bishounen Gun Anime Senjuushi (The Thousand Noble Musketeers) Announces Three Episode Impression!

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the-thousand-musketeers-annoucement-300x179 Summer Bishounen Gun Anime Senjuushi (The Thousand Noble Musketeers) Announces Three Episode Impression!

the-thousand-musketeers-annoucement-300x179 Summer Bishounen Gun Anime Senjuushi (The Thousand Noble Musketeers) Announces Three Episode Impression!


Fantasy, Action

Airing Date:
July 3 2018

TMS Entertainment

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Old Fashioned Guns vs Modern Guns, the battle of despair.

The world has been laid to waste by nuclear war. This is set in the following era…

Under the guise of absolute control over the world, the World Empire government regulates everything that people do and they live in a world where their freedom has been stolen.

However, in the middle of any and all weapons being prohibited, there is a secret resistance that has continued the rebellion in hopes of one day defeating the dictatorship of the World Empire. They take up old fashioned guns that have been left behind as works of art and take up the fight. Then, as if in accord with their spirits, the great musketeers appear in the form of the incarnations of old fashioned guns. With their ‘absolute nobility’, they fight nobly and magnificently to bring the single word ‘hope’ to the world.

The days of these noble musketeers is one of shining and vivid youth now that they have been given life. This is the tale of these beautiful youngsters who laugh, cry, rejoice, hesitate, and sometimes are wounded while fighting to pursue ‘absolute nobility’.

What reason are we fighting for, and what should we be protecting…?

Be Noble!

Three Episode Impression

Do you like bishounen, some sort of plot, and guns? Well then, Senjuushi is the one for you. It’s an anime about guns, or supposedly, that are wielded by good looking guys. Let’s not forget that the countries are currently warring so there’s a lot of bad guys all around. Oh, and gun magic. However, if you want to watch for the blood as there are a lot of people getting slaughtered, don’t hold your breath. There isn’t any real blood. Characters get shot but let’s not deter from their attractiveness with realism like bleeding bullet wounds. This is an anime, remember? Gun magic like Supreme Nobility exist. By the way, there’s a plot, but what it is we don’t remember. Why not distract from the plot with a shower scene and conveniently placed steam? Also, we have to stop to add in new faces each episode. Oh yes, if you want a seemingly shounen-like bishounen anime that meets magical girl stereotypes but not meant for comedy, Senjuushi is the anime for you.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Brown Bess

Voice Actor: Taku Yashiro

I am the Brown Bess, a famous gun that is said to have been constructed by the British Empire. There are complaints that I have poor accuracy, but that is my handicap for being so superior. I am a knight worthy of being called a man of the British Empire and I will protect you. That’s because… It’s one of the rules for being your knight! I didn’t say it because I have special feelings for you or anything. Got it?


Voice Actor: Shinnosuke Tachibana

Bonjour master! I am Charleville. I’m proud of my connection with the violent upheaval days of France. To be honest, it was pretty tiresome too. Speaking of me, I have a pretty attractive silhouette, don’t I? I’ve been holding back on indulging in my favorite thing: sweets. So, it makes sense that I look this great. On the other hand, I am more than willing to go on a sweet date with you, my master. Call on me whenever you’d like.


Voice Actor: Shouta Aoi

Hi master! I am the Springfield! In fact, I am the first musket ever created in the U.S. I was raised to be like Charleville, so it makes sense that even now he treats me like his little brother~. I’m even getting close to him in height! Even though it might not seem that I am reliable gun right now, I promise that I am going to become a noble musketeer and protect you, my master! So please stay with me, okay?


Voice Actor: Yuuki Kaji

Well howdy master! I am the Kentucky; born and raised in the U.S. My gallant figure was created to fight for my country, and that’s why there’s even a famous song about me. Why you ask? Because my motto is “death with one bullet!” I’ve got complete confidence that my shots won’t miss. Well… I do take a little longer than those musket dudes… Huh? You wanna see the decorations I have. Wow~ Master, you have a discerning eye for aesthetics, don’t cha? I’m super pumped!


Voice Actor: Daisuke Namikawa

Listen well my master. I am THE Napoleon Bonaparte from the French Empire! Now that the genius that is myself has joined the fray, I will bring about a sure victory over those resistance men! My adjutant Rapp is more than able to demonstrate his ability in a fight such as this and... hmm? What is this ‘Noble Musketeer’ that you speak of? I am not this ‘Noble Musketeer’ or anything else; for I am Napoleon Bonaparte!


Voice Actor: Wataru Hatano

Please refer to me as Rapp. The Rapp that was presented to the adjutant general of the great Napoleon Bonaparte of the French Empire... is whom I am. I will not lose to the general and promise to fight bravely. Still though, to see the noble musketeer Napoleon become like that is... In any manner, it seems I will serve under His Majesty Napoleon.


Voice Actor: Ayumu Murase

I’m Nicola! I am a part of a pair of pistols that were presented to Emperor Napoleon. Neol is my twin younger brother. His Majesty looked after us dearly. Now that I have become a noble musketeer, it seems that I can meet His Majesty again! I am going to study hard in order to not only become a stupid adult like those who run around here, but also so I can become a magnificent person like His Majesty. If I do that, you’ll be happy too, won’t you master?


Voice Actor: Ayumu Murase

I’m Noel. I too was presented to Emperor Napoleon as a twin pistol... Nicola is my twin older brother... His Majesty took care of us greatly… We heard when we become noble musketeers that we can meet His Majesty again! There are fools who say he isn’t the real Emperor... but it’s clear that is a lie... Right? I am following the example set by His Majesty and I need to read a lot of books.

Other TitleThe Thousand Noble Musketeers
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: antique memory by Brown Bess, Charleville, Springfield, and Kentucky
  • Ending Song: BLACK MATRIX by vistlip

Main Staff
  • Director: Kenichi Kasao
  • Series Composition: Takashi Aoshima
  • Original Illustrator: Majiro
  • Music: Hiroshi Takagi

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