Senran Kagura Announces New Game, but More Importantly, 2nd Season TV Anime Confirmed!

Senran Kagura 2nd Season

Action, Comedy, Ecchi

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The 2nd Season of Senran Kagura.

Shinobi. They existed in the shadows long ago, far away in the Warring States Era. Hiding among people, they search, influence, deceive, break, and kill. They existed in the shadows to take on every single dark work. One day though, they began to disappear from the hearts of people and became a shadow spoken of in legends. However, even if they disappear from the hearts of people, the work that people do does not change. The need for them among the people in this dark world still continue, thus the shinobi continue to exist.

Currently, shinobi employers are politicians and executives of corporations. Among those who wield considerable influence, there are individuals who use the shinobi as tools for their own personal gain. Shinobi who move in the darkness like that are known as evil shinobi. The government has devised a plan to create virtuous shinobi who rise up in opposition. These virtuous shinobi are raised by a secret facility within the government specifically for shinobi. This special agency tasked with the specific task of raising virtuous shinobi is known simply as Shinobi Studies. It is hidden inside of a famous and massive prep school known as National Hanzou Academy which has over 1000 students in enrollment.

This story is of virtuous shinobi dedicating their youth to fighting against evil. This tells the path of love and courage taken by five girls who were placed into the National Hanzou Academy’s Shinobi Studies program.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: TBA

Asuka is a second-year student at National Hanzou Academy. Extremely upbeat, she is a girl who tries her best at everything. As a shinobi, she has a long way to go, but she is a serious, hard worker who spends her days doing nothing but training. Her grandfather is the legendary shinobi who is the namesake of the Academy.


Voice Actor: TBA

Ikaruga is a third-year student at National Hanzou Academy. She is the daughter of a famous family of shinobi who are plutocrats. Cool, calm, and collected, she is an honors student and also fills the role of a committee president for the shinobi class. She generally has the disposition of a gentle, older-sister type, but once she is angry, she becomes unmanageable.


Voice Actor: TBA

Katsuragi is a third-year student at National Hanzou Academy. Outspoken and hearty, she acts before she thinks. She may say unreasonable things, but it is because she is sentimental and bighearted. Her juniors call her ‘Katsu-nee’. She loves to fondle the chests of beautiful girls.


Voice Actor: TBA

Yagyuu is a first-year student at National Hanzou Academy. While she is a first-year, she has considerable power. She hates things that are a waste of her time, and always wears a cool expression not showing her emotions. But for some reason, she is always interested in Hibari. Yagyuu loves dried squid.


Voice Actor: TBA

Hibari is a first-year student at National Hanzou Academy. A gourmand, she loves cute things. She is a troublemaker even though she tries her best. She is bothered by the fact that her skills as a shinobi are not quite up to par yet.

Other TitleSenran Kagura Ninja Flash 2nd Season

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kenichirou Takaki
  • Original Illustrator: Amami Takasume, Nan Yaegashi

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