Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review

Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review

The ultimate shinobi action oppai experience on the market.

  • System: PC/Steam, PlayStation 4
  • Publisher: XSEED Games
  • Developer: Marvelous Games
  • Release Date: January 22, 2019
  • Pricing: $49.99 [Tailor Made Edition] / $39.99 [Standard]
  • Rating: M
  • Genre: Action, Brawler, Hack and Slash
  • Players: Single Player
  • Official Website:

SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal - Hanzo Character Trailer

Who it Caters to

Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review
Hack and slash games have sort of waned in popularity over the past several years, as more attention is placed in other more notable genres. But hey! That isn’t to say the genre is dead because you have awesome titles like Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal to keep you occupied. Those who are hardcore fans of the series will most definitely find themselves immersed in the action-packed experience, but what about those who are coming into the scene for the first time? Well, we have good news for you because Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal, while it offers up a provocative gameplay experience, it comes with a very generous amount of story material that we feel many will enjoy. If you love this kind of madness and fancy a lot of bouncing oppai, a solid story, and colorful characters, then this is the one for you!

What to Expect

Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review
Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal is stuffed with content ranging from its Campaign mode to its Free Battle mode, also allowing players to dress up their favorite shinobi. WIth a plethora of features to choose from, the game provides plentiful hours of entertainment well after completing the story portion. For completionists, collecting all of your items and costumes will be your ultimate mission, while for those who just want to hack their way through, the new Burst mode will grant you an entirely fresh experience.

Everything that you enjoyed from the original 3DS version has now been revamped into a 3D perspective, injecting more life into the characters and environments, which is pleasing to the eye. Combat mechanics along with character models have also seen a vast improvement, which really help to accentuate those voluptuous oppai as you slash your way through hordes of enemies to secure victory. DLC episodes also dive deeper into the stories of Yumi and Miyabi prior to meeting Asuka and Homura, so once again, the content is rich!

Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review


Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review
On a visual level, oppai aside, Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal is a well-polished game that certainly looks vastly superior over its original 3DS brethren. The new 3D makeover helps a ton as it really brings out the details in every character, granting them a new life on screen as you play. The UI within the game is very easy to navigate and doesn’t overwhelm you with too many things, which is always a plus. All of the action within the game is flashy and evokes a great emotion when you watch it all go down. Of course, character animations are more fluid now, which means more realistic bouncing oppai as you race around slicing your way through missions.
Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review

Sound, Music

The Senran Kagura series has always provided a substantial amount of music for players to enjoy, and in Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal that hasn’t changed at all. As you clear missions throughout the campaign, you’ll unlock more music that you can listen to. The soundtrack gives more life to the game and really helps to create better immersion for players. It’s wide selection provides a multitude of melodies which range from frantic and upbeat, to the more subtle and relaxing, giving players a worthwhile audible experience.


Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review
While all of these great new features certainly provide a charming experience, there were some glaring flaws that stood out during gameplay. In particular, the frame rate was consistently poor during moments of intense action on screen, which ultimately led to a lot of problems. Fortunately, if you do run into this problem frequently you can opt to lower your PC settings to better accommodate things, but it’s not always consistent. During cutscenes or interactions with other characters, the game runs incredibly smooth and we experienced no hiccups whatsoever. It was mainly through gameplay that the performance started to show signs of sluggishness and thus, we needed to make the immediate adjustments. Does it ruin the overall gameplay experience? Not really, since you can simply lower all of your settings, but the drawback is that you don’t truly get to see the game at its full visual potential.

The campaign is a very fun ordeal however, as it takes you on a journey through the Senran Kagura storyline and helps you to better understand each character and their respective histories. It’s great for both veterans and newcomers alike as it acts as somewhat of a refresher but also throws in some new things to keep you hooked. The longer you play through the game, you’ll be rewarded with more unlockables which range from more music, to costumes, and modes. Playing through the game in Burst mode is also another great feature that we recommend players to try out since it does bring forth a fresh experience and encourages you to try out new things, like pulling off insane infinite aerial combos!

Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review
Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal isn’t a difficult by any means, but it certainly does require some strategy in order to defeat the more formidable enemies you encounter. The control scheme on Steam is pretty straightforward and we do encourage you to use either a Nintendo Switch controller or PS4 Dualshock controller to get the best experience possible. One feature we love the most in Burst RE:Newal is of course the Burst mode, but being able to expose yourself with the Frantic option before engaging in battle is also refreshing. Seeing your favorite shinobi run around in nothing but their undergarments, exposing skin but still kicking ass, that’s something that touches our hearts. So get out there, unlock your shinobi techniques, and unleash your inner powers to become the strongest shinobi!
Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review
In spite of the flaws that we encountered throughout the game, Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal is still a worthy purchase for those who truly love the series. It still provides all of the wonderful action sequences the series is known for, with all of its oppai exposure there for all to see. It’s certainly not perfect but the areas where it performed well in, such as its beautiful story and Dressing Room mode, are what make the game shine in the long run. You can customize and create your very own shinobi, take her into battle, and kick ass like a real shinobi should. Don’t sleep on this game! Pick it up now! Yes...NOW!
Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review

Honey's Pros:

  • Fast-paced hack and slash gameplay that lasts for hours.
  • Lots of oppai!
  • Great refreshing story with plenty of cool twists thanks to the added DLC.
  • A lot of content to enjoy outside of the campaign mode.

Honey's Cons:

  • Frame rate issues do happen quite frequently, slowing down performance during a lot of intense moments.
  • We wish there was an online mode to do co-op.

Honey's Final Verdict:

We hope you found our review to be an excited read, and that it gave you enough information to make your purchase that much easier. Be sure to show us your love and leave a comment below, along with an icon “like” if it made your way. Follow us as well on Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest gaming news and hit us up on Twitch to know when we go live!

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Senran-Kagura-Burst-Renewal-logo Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal - PC/Steam Review


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