Serment - Contract with a Devil - Steam Review

Serment-contract-SS-1-560x321 Serment - Contract with a Devil - Steam Review

A strange twist on the visual novel genre, but somehow it works well!

  • System: Steam/PC
  • Publisher: Sekai Project
  • Developer: Nkt Studio
  • Release Date: February 1, 2019

Serment - Contract with a Devil - Boss Battle Preview

Who it Caters to

Serment-contract-SS-1-560x321 Serment - Contract with a Devil - Steam Review
When most video game fans conjure up an image pertaining to visual novels, they often claim that the genre isn’t really a game, and more so a reading experience. While that sentiment is certainly true in many aspects, we still feel like there are elements of a visual novel that immerse you just like any other game out there. One good example of course comes from the strong narrative, but also being able to choose the direction you desire, which ultimately dictates the outcome of the story. Serment - Contract with a Devil is still your typical visual experience but with a wrench thrown into the mix to really stir things up, and that’s the added element of dungeon crawling. Dungeon crawlers aren’t typically in the mainstream that frequently since it’s not really a genre many swoon over, but when you combine it with the calm and cool visual novel experience, it surprisingly creates a nice combination of action and relaxation.

What to Expect

Serment-contract-SS-1-560x321 Serment - Contract with a Devil - Steam Review
Serment - Contract with a Devil again isn’t going to be your typical run of the mill visual novel experience, since dungeon crawling mechanics have been implemented into the title. This adds a new element of excitement that ties in well with the happy-go-lucky nature of the title, by giving players reason to participate in order to proceed on with the story. Many would most likely grow bored of the reading and turn to something a little more stimulating, but Serment - Contract with a Devil helps to eliminate that feeling entirely. Granted, visual novels are a niche genre and are followed by devoted fans who typically enjoy a deep and compelling shift in narrative, but this game provides a breath of fresh air. Every dungeon in the game has been uniquely crafted with crazy puzzles and hundreds of unique items to uncover on your long journey. It’s a light yuri styled romance that we’re sure players will enjoy!


Serment-contract-SS-1-560x321 Serment - Contract with a Devil - Steam Review
One strong point that visual novels have is... well, their visuals. Serment - Contract with a Devil is visually pleasing as the art style compliments the overall flow of the story, which helps to bring the characters to life in a vivid way. Nothing is more attractive than being able to read a story that’s filled with strong female characters who are cute, charming, and provide substance to the overall experience. It’s by no means masterful in any way, but we personally feel that the team did a splendid job of ensuring that things felt simple, but still attractive enough to keep players immersed for long periods of time.

Sound, Music

One unfortunate side of the game is that there isn’t any voice acting, which to be honest, would’ve really helped to bring the characters to life in an extraordinary way. Simply sitting there and reading the text for us did tend to grow a tad monotonous over time, and having some sort of voicing would’ve supplemented the game well. We of course know that hiring voice actors can be a costly endeavour, but even just a few spoken lines would’ve at least brought things to life, and provided a more lucrative experience. Music-wise, we actually enjoyed it a lot due to its cheerful tones, which helped to compliment the characters and their quirky personalities, but also while venturing through dungeons and defeating monsters. On that note, let’s dive into the gameplay side of things!


Serment-contract-SS-1-560x321 Serment - Contract with a Devil - Steam Review
So in Serment - Contract with a Devil, you star as a young girl who has been revived by a beautiful devil, and now you must work under her rule for the time being. The devil demands a large sum of payment for reviving you, and so now your mission is to go out and collect that cash. If you don’t, then it’s back to the afterlife you go. In this brand new world you encounter a handful of unique characters, all of whom provide their own sense of humor and narrative. For the early portion of the game, most of your time will be reading through text to get a feel for the story, and to develop a better understanding of your motive in the world.

Once all of that’s said and done, the game introduces you to the dungeon crawling RPG side of things, which is simple but still does provide some degree of depth. Much like any other dungeon crawler RPG title out there, you need to come up with strategies in order to survive the dungeons because enemies will attack frequently and not stop until you’re eradicated. Gather enough allies so that you can tackle the brute bosses and make sure you save up enough cash to stock up on healing, because you’ll need them!

You’ll encounter unique items that will help you get through dungeons easier, but you’ll certainly come across some challenges that will test your wits, to see just how capable you are of overcoming the obstacles ahead. However, don’t expect some incredibly difficult tasks as this game is simply meant to provide players with a unique gameplay experience, and since much of the game revolves around the visual novel side of things, it’s just there to add that element of fun to the game. There are also optional minigames to enjoy, such as fishing and collecting rare items, so if you ever find yourself seeking more, the option is certainly there.
Serment-contract-SS-1-560x321 Serment - Contract with a Devil - Steam Review

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Serment-contract-SS-1-560x321 Serment - Contract with a Devil - Steam Review
Serment - Contract with a Devil isn’t an absurdly long game, but it definitely serves its purpose because its lighthearted and comedic story helps to engage you in the dungeon crawling gameplay. It’s by no means a perfect title as there were some moments where we’d traverse through dungeons only for the game to lag a little, and overall stage designs are quite bland. As stated before, the game is simple and not meant to be compared to other more prominent visual novel titles, but rather to be enjoyed for what it is. So while those drawbacks certainly hurt the game in a way, when you look past the flaws you still have a game that’s entertaining.

Honey's Pros:

  • Hundreds of unique items to collect throughout the game.
  • Great comedic and lighthearted story that keeps you smiling.
  • Dungeons are a bit challenging at times, and require you to think strategically to win.
  • A pretty lengthy game, which is always a plus.

Honey's Cons:

  • Dungeon designs are a little on the bland side, and don’t stand out as much.
  • We ran into a little slow down while walking through the dungeons.

Honey's Final Verdict:

Will visual novel fans find Serment - Contract with a Devil to be a satisfying experience? Well, that will all depend solely on the individuals tastes, but generally speaking, we think that the story is charming and fun. It may not be for everyone, but we can assure you that there are quirks to the game that make it enjoyable once you sink some time into it. Be sure to check out our other visual novel reviews and of course, follow us on Twitter to stay current on all the gaming news!

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Serment-contract-SS-1-560x321 Serment - Contract with a Devil - Steam Review


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