Servamp - Anime Summer 2016

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Servamp-dvd-300x423 Servamp - Anime Summer 2016

Servamp-dvd-300x423 Servamp - Anime Summer 2016


Supernatural, Action, Drama

Airing Date:
July 5 2016

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Servamp-dvd-300x423 Servamp - Anime Summer 2016
So vampires and fighting and the seven deadly sins are all involved. Interesting. What are we looking at here?
Servamp-dvd-300x423 Servamp - Anime Summer 2016
Rosario to Vampire & Yamada-kun to Shichinin no Majo with extra fighting?
Servamp-dvd-300x423 Servamp - Anime Summer 2016
Oh bee-kun. Not every series is ecchi. This one has more action & comedy with some light BL thrown into the mix to make the female fans happy. If anything we might get male on male ecchi I reckon this is closer to like… Beezelbub and Needless than those other two.
Servamp-dvd-300x423 Servamp - Anime Summer 2016
Look at the trailer/PV and you can see all the anguish and suffering the eighth brother has gone through. He needs to be helped and loved by his brothers... and oh wow. This definitely has a good plot.

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Mahiru Shirota likes simple things and can’t stand things that are a pain. So one day when he finds a cat he picks it up and takes it home. Why do you ask? Because regret is one of the most painful things to him, so that’s why he does it. However, the cat’s true form is… SERVAMP!

SERVAMP are the seven vampire brothers that rule over all vampires and protect the seven deadly sins. Eve’s are people who make contract with the Servamp. By doing so, they are able to issue orders to them.

However, an eighth vampire brother, one who should not be, now exists… and he is unwelcome! The battle of one brother versus the other seven begins!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Mahiru Shirota

Voice Actor: Takuma Terashima

Mahiru is the main character of this story. He controls “Sloth” or Kuro. Mahiru is a first year high school student and is 15 years old. One day, he happens upon a black cat, and scooping him up, takes him home. From that moment on, he is dragged into the war between the vampire brothers. He is good at all kinds of chores around the house and he’s a bit meddlesome as a person. If there is ever any trouble, he is the first to take responsibility for it and keep moving. He hates tediously worrying, so his motto is 'Simplicity is best!'

Kuro (Sloth)

Voice Actor: Yuki Kaji

Kuro is the representation of sloth. He is the oldest brother of all of the Servamp siblings. His nickname is ‘Sleepy Ash.’ If he is exposed sunlight, he transforms into a cat. He is a hikikomori NEET vampire. He hates being bothered to do anything so he normally just lounges around. He loves Cup ramen and French fries. He often says ‘This is a pain in the neck’ and ‘I can’t get into this.’

Misono Arisuin

Voice Actor: Hiro Shimono

Misono is Snow Lilly aka gluttony’s master. He is fifteen as well and a first year student at a certain famous, private high school. Misono is a son of the distinguished Arisuin family. He is extremely self-important to the point that he often refers to others on their first meeting as ‘you peasant.’ Misono is a tsundere and even in happy times, he will say something bad without fail. He is physically weak, so even if he takes a few steps, he will soon be out of breath. He goes to bed every night at 9pm.

Snow Lily (Lust)

Voice Actor: Kazuma Horie

Snow Lily is the 7th brother in the family. He is the representation of Lust. His nickname is “All of Love.” If he is exposed to sunlight, he turns into a butterfly. Snow Lilly is a very gentle man with great style. He speaks using honorifics and he smiles often. He has a calm aura about him, but whenever something happens, he removes his clothing. He’s a pervert who enjoys removing his clothes. He uses a scythe in battle. He often says, ‘Shall I pitch in and help?’

Tsubaki (Melancholy)

Voice Actor: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Tsubaki is the representation of the 8th deadly sin, Melancholy. His nickname is ‘Who is coming.’ Tsubaki is the younger brother of Kuro and he self proclaims that he is the younger brother of Kuro and a ‘Japanese style vampire.’ He can transform into a fox. He laughs easily and when he does, he tends to laugh fitfully, but then at the same time he often says, ‘This is boring.’ He has now started this war among brothers, but is he really just wanting to cause an uproar?


Voice Actor: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Belkia is a servant vampire to Tsubaki. He wears a white silk hat and he looks like a magician. He really likes to turn up the energy as much as possible and is boisterous. He wants to stand out. However, when it comes down to killing someone and drinking their blood, Belkia also has a side that doesn’t have any hesitation and is cruel.

Lawless (Greed)

Voice Actor: Ryohei Kimura

The fifth child in the family he represents greed. His nickname is Lawless. If he steps into sunlight he turns into a hedgehog. Always chatty, he takes nothing seriously. He makes fun of others a lot and tries to use words that will instigate others. He especially enjoys making fun of his master Licht by calling him nicknames. He often is caught quoting Shakespeare. It seems like something has happened in the past between him and Kuro.

Licht Jekylland Todoroki

Voice Actor: Nobunaga Shimazaki

Licht controls Lawless aka Greed. He is half Austrian and half Japanese. Licht is 18 and a world famous genius pianist. He refers to himself as an angel and he’s got a few screws loose. Licht is always wearing a backpack complete with a pair of angel wings on his back. He is a rough and violent ‘angel’. He kicks things he doesn’t like and he does not get along at all with Lawless. He calls him ‘garbage rat.’ He likes Karaoke.

Hugh the Dark Algernon III (Pride)

Voice Actor: Ayumu Murase

Hugh is the second brother of the family and the incarnation of Pride. His nickname is “Old Child.” When he is exposed to sunlight, he turns into a bat. He looks like a child, but he speaks like an old man. He wears a large, black top hat to compliment his cloaked figure. He hates garlic and is the most “vampire-like” of all of his siblings, but he loves parfaits. When he plays with toys, he seems to be in a child-like gaze.

Tetsu Sendagaya

Voice Actor: Yuuki Ono

Tetsu is the master of Pride or Hugh. He is the heir to a Japanese hot springs resort. He’s a simple fool who is nice. Tetsu doesn’t sweat the small things but he does have a rough personality. He has a large body and he is strong. He preferred weapon is a giant coffin. He has written his family’s name on the coffin that he uses as a weapon as publicity for his family’s resort.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Deal with by OLDCODEX
  • Ending Song: sunlight avenue by Takuma Terashima

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Strike Tanaka
  • Director: Hideaki Nakano
  • Assistant Director: Ittou Kou
  • Series Composition: Kenji Konuta
  • Character Design: Junko Yamanaka
  • Animation Director: Junko Yamanaka, Toshimitsu Kobayashi
  • Sound Director: Toshiki Kameyama
  • Music: Kenji Kawai

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