Shiguang Dailiren (Link Click)

Shiguang Dailiren

Drama, Supernatural

Airing Date:
January 9, 2022

Studio LAN / Sony Music Solutions & Aniplex (Japanese ver.)

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On a downtown street corner there’s a shop called Time Photo Studio. Inside this abandoned looking shop are two men with unique special powers.

The photo studio is run by them and their names are Toki (Cheng Xiaoshi) and Hikaru (Lu Guang). Toki has the ability to enter the world of a photograph and link his subconsciousness with the photographer’s. His business partner, Hikaru, has the ability to perceive what happened up to 12 hours after a photo was taken. Through Rin, Toki’s childhood friend, they receive requests from clients who are still hung up on the past, and use their powers to solve whatever secrets may be hidden in the photos.

They carry out their clients’ requests while sticking to their guiding principle of “never altering anything in the past.” However, when Toki's strong sense of justice causes him to slip up, his actions have a ripple effect which slowly starts changing the future.

Characters & Voice Actors

Shiguang-Dailiren-Link-Click-KV Shiguang Dailiren (Link Click)
Toki (Cheng Xiaoshi): Toshiyuki Toyonaga

The owner of Time Photo Studio who undertakes special requests from his clients. Contrary to his laid-back attitude, he has an impulsive personality and a strong sense of justice. His impulsive behavior sometimes causes problems during missions. He has the ability to "dive" into the world of a photograph and link his mind with the photographer’s.
Shiguang-Dailiren-Link-Click-KV Shiguang Dailiren (Link Click)
Hikaru (Lu Guang): Takahiro Sakurai

A mature young man who runs the Time Photo Studio with Toki. He’s calm and level-headed, and tries to get the job done without his emotions getting in the way. He has the ability to perceive the events that have taken place within 12 hours of the photo being taken and can communicate with Toki while they are “diving.”
Shiguang-Dailiren-Link-Click-KV Shiguang Dailiren (Link Click)
Rin (Qiao Ling): Aoi Koga

The daughter of the landlord of Time Photo Studio and childhood friend of Toki’s. She’s a cheerful, high-spirited girl who has a strong sense of responsibility. While helping Toki and Hikaru’s business out by acting as the middleman between the clients and them, she collects the monthly rent.

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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Dive Back In Time" by Gen Kakon
  • Ending Song: "OverThink" by EAERAN
Main Staff
  • Director: Lee Haoling
  • Script: Lee Haoling
  • Character Design: LAN / Hwan Smong / Shon Dang
  • Animation Director: LAN
  • Original Illustrator: INPLICK
  • Music: Tenmon / yuma yamaguchi / av4In

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