Action, Sci-Fi, Drama

Airing Date:
October 9, 2021

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At a place where the shikizakura bloom with the red autumn leaves...
This is a place where the real world and the spiritual world cross, where a ceremony to save the world of humans takes place...

Kakeru Miwa is a high school student who's been pulled into a battle between powered exoskeleton suits and "Oni", a being from the spiritual world that feeds on humans. The Oni plans to possess humans and enter the real world. The only thing that might stop it is the exoskeleton "Yoroi", developed by fusing ancient arts and the latest technology.

Kakeru by chance finds himself in a suit, an irregular member of the team that's fighting the Oni. He's also tasked with protecting Oka Myoujin, a shrine maiden with the destiny to save the world.

It's the season of shikizakura.
In the storm of red leaves and shikizakura, Oka dances in her shrine maiden attire.

In this heroic action anime, everything merges: past and future, real and spiritual, and the thoughts and wishes of people. You will see it all here!

Characters & Voice Actors

Shikizakura-e1606452641146 Shikizakura
Kakeru Miwa: Yudai Noda

A high schooler who wants to become a hero. He can’t leave people on their own if they need help, but he’s often in over his head. People around him think he has no motivation for anything, but inside, Kakeru’s anger towards his unreasonable fate is boiling up. As he gets involved in the fight against the oni, he decides to become an actual hero.
Shikizakura-e1606452641146 Shikizakura
Oka Myoujin: Miho Mashiro

She is the youngest daughter of the shrine household. She has the power to seal away the oni back into the spiritual world. She’s very calm and seldom shows her feelings, but whenever she has to serve as a shrine maiden her expression changes. She has lived a very sheltered life, so her definition of common sense is slightly different from those in the real world. Because of this, she often makes things out to be a bigger deal than they are. She’s currently trying to learn how to use a smartphone.
Shikizakura-e1606452641146 Shikizakura
Kippei Naagtsu: Daisuke Nakamoto

He has been Kakeru's best friend since childhood. He loves the occult, special effects, anime and other subcultures. However, he always fell in love with these things after Kakeru did. They looked up things together and eventually Kippei got more into it than Kakeru did.
Shikizakura-e1606452641146 Shikizakura
Ryo Hattori: Shouto Mizukami

He’s a descendant of the ninja family that always protected the members of the shrine household. He’s Oka’s bodyguard. He practices his swordsmanship and martial arts daily.
Shikizakura-e1606452641146 Shikizakura
Kaede Naruse: Eri Sakazaki

She is a sporty girl who used to be in the track and field club (running high jump) at school. She uses her physical abilities in her fight with the oni. She normally acts rough and arrogant, but she’s actually quite sensitive.
Shikizakura-e1606452641146 Shikizakura
Haruko Yamada: Natsuki Ochiai

She calls herself a normal high schooler. She’s a bit slow and very calm, and very bad at standing up for herself. She’s been friends and protected by Kaede ever since they were children.
Shikizakura-e1606452641146 Shikizakura
Ibara: Shingo Yoneyama

Ibara used to be an oni who ran amok and caused fear in the old world. Thanks to the shrine maiden of the time, it was sealed into a jewel and eventually it became a Yoroi. Due to the many years that have passed, it doesn’t remember anything but anger and urge to destroy whatever gets in its way.
Shikizakura-e1606452641146 Shikizakura
Benio Myojin: Miki Yakata

She has platinum blond hair and is a cool beauty. She’s the eldest daughter in the Myoujin family and thus Oka’s older sister. She doesn’t have as much power as Oka, but she’s excellent in martial arts. She’s the leader of a different team who also are fighting the oni.
Shikizakura-e1606452641146 Shikizakura
Ukon Kijima: Yuto Arai

He speaks like a young woman, but is actually a flippant guy. He’s a very humble guy to everyone around him and he’s good at making people open up to him. However, he definitely never shares anything personal. He’s sworn loyalty to Benio and thus supports her in her fight against the oni.
Shikizakura-e1606452641146 Shikizakura
Issa Inuduka: Iwori

He doesn’t speak much and is very diligent. He’s a military type of guy who lives for the fight. He has extraordinary strength and manages to support Benio in that way. In a fight, he’s the one to lead the attack on the oni. As he doesn’t speak much, people often misunderstand him. He’s a very compassionate guy and very loyal to those he trusts and recognizes as equal.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”BELIEVE MYSELF” by Asaka
  • Ending Song: "Shikizakura" by May'n
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Sublimation
  • Director: Go Kurosaki
  • Series Composition: Naruki Nagakawa
  • Character Design: Manabu Nakatake
  • Sound Director: Takumi Saitou
  • Original Illustrator: Ryouga Inoue
  • Music: chick tack corea
  • Chief Director: Shinya Sugai

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