Shin Chuuka Ichiban! 2nd Season

Shin Chuuka Ichiban! 2nd Season

Food, Comedy, Shounen

Airing Date:
Winter 2021

Production I.G, Nihon Ad Systems

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19th Century China. The star, Liu Mao Xing, has passed the examination and become a Master Chef. At the behest of his master, Chouyu, he travels around western China with his friends Shirou and Mei Li to expand his horizons as a chef. Upon returning to Yousenshuka in Guangzhou, Mao, along with his new friends Shell and Leon, decide to hold their ground against the Underground Cooking Society, a group determined to “control humanity through the power of food.” During that time, he learns the secrets of the eight Legendary Cooking Utensils, which are said to protect the world of Chinese cuisine. Mao’s mother, Pai, once fought intense battles against the Underground Cooking Society for the sake of the masses. Carrying on the fight she began, Mao and his four friends must protect the Legendary Cooking Utensils from the vile clutches of the Underground Cooking Society...

Characters & Voice Actors

Liu Mao Xing: Natsumi Fujiwara

Liu Mao Xing, the youngest Master Chef in history and the son of Pai, the Master Chef of Kikkaro, a restaurant in Szechuan. He possesses extremely sensitive taste buds and a level of creativity that puts him in a league of his own. Joining Yousenshuka in Guangzhou, he departs on a journey to find the Legendary Cooking Utensils to battle against the Underground Cooking Society.
Meili Zhou: Ai Kayano

Meili Zhou is the only daughter of Chouyu, the sous chef at Yousenshuka, the restaurant that Mao has joined. She starts to develop feelings for Mao during their time together and joins him on his journey to find the Legendary Cooking Utensils.
Shirou: Yukiyo Fujii

Shirou is half Japanese, half Chinese and calls Mao his big bro. After encountering Mao during his journey, Shirou tags along like a younger brother would. Although he has a tendency to get carried away, the cheerful Shirou performs best under pressure. He joins Mao on the quest for the Legendary Cooking Utensils.
Shell: Yuichi Nakamura

Nicknamed the “Steel Staff,” Shell is a licenced dim sum chef, and for every chef he defeats in a culinary battle, he adds another mark to the steel staff that he uses to make dim sum. Friendly to everyone he meets, Shell takes on a big brother-type role for Mao and joins him on his quest to find the Legendary Cooking Utensils.
Leon: Tomokazu Sugita

Nicknamed the “Seven Star Knife,” Leon was heralded as a prodigy but was never satisfied by anything his masters taught him during his training. Thus, he went to the Underground Cooking Society in hopes of fulfilling his dream of fame and fortune. However, he left the organization after discovering their true colors. He journeys to Yousenshuka in hopes of obtaining the key to victory against the Society, the Legendary Cooking Utensils. He joins Mao and the others on their journey in hopes of fighting back against them.
"Nyuunryu" Kaiyu: Daisuke Namikawa

One of the commanders of the Underground Cooking Society and the leader of the Five Tigers. He won over the Society’s chefs with his overwhelming charisma, and his superior senses and mastery of various arts have made him the ultimate underground chef. He has major clout within the world of Chinese cuisine.
"Hyoushitou" Alkan: Hiroki Yasumoto

One of the Society’s commanders and a member of the Five Tigers. A military man to his very bones, Alkan is known as the “Flaming Chef.” He has the ability to manipulate fire, which is said to be the origin of Chinese cuisine itself. Since his body temperature is much higher than the average person, he carries a large supply of water at all times to keep cool.
"Roushi" Ensei: Kenjiro Tsuda

One of the Society’s commanders and a hero of the Five Tigers. The true intentions of this mystery man elude even the likes of Kaiyu and Alkan, who regard him as dangerous. Impossible to read, he is the Society’s lone wolf. The one thing Ensei likes is alcohol.
"Hiten Taisei" Juchi: Daisuke Ono

One of the Society’s commanders and a member of the Five Tigers, this teenager from Mongolia specializes in a showy cooking technique using long, silver chopsticks. A surprisingly friendly person, he’s quite a conversationalist. In fact, he secretly hates cooking.
"Seiganko" Mira: Aya Endou

One of the Society’s commanders and the lone woman in the Five Tigers, Mira hails from the motherland of spice, India. Known as “The Mirror,” she can instantly memorize any cooking method her clear blue eyes happen to see.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Tough Heart" by Aika Kobayashi
  • Ending Song: "COLORS by Humbreaders
"Shin Chuuka Ichiban" (Manga)

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