Spring 2022 Anime "Shin Ikkitousen" Coming Soon!!

Shin Ikkitousen

Action, Martial Arts, Superpower, Sexy/Ecchi

Airing Date:
Spring 2022


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Himiko, the Kansai region’s mightiest warrior, is coming for Kanto!

“Magatama” are earrings that are sacred beads containing the essence of great heroes who fought during the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China, and were scattered with the hopes of unifying the country. Those who inherited these sacred beads are warriors called “Toshi,” who are now waging battles in modern-day Japan. At long last, signs indicating the end of the power struggle in the Kanto region are starting to be seen. However, Himiko from the Yamashiro Academy, which rules over the Kansai region, sets her Magatama hunting plan into motion and heads to Kanto to strip the Toshi of their sacred beads.

Meanwhile in the Kanto region, a new Toshi named Chubo Sonken transfers to Nanyo Academy. Due to the absence of Hakufu Sonsaku, the head of Nanyo, Chubo undergoes her school initiation from her classmates. At the same time, Himiko sends assassins Asaemon Yamada and Indara to invade the school, spelling certain death for Chubo and the other Toshi. Is there some hidden reason why Chubo is being targeted so relentlessly?

While this is happening, Hakufu is guided to the Toshi legendary training ground. However, the gate to the spirit world there has already opened, and it’s become hell itself, where the dead are pouring out. And underneath, Shimei Ryomo awakens.

A new chapter begins where everyone’s thoughts and feelings, whether it be for the sake of family or leaders, converge!

Characters & Voice Actors

Shin-Ikkitousen-KV Spring 2022 Anime "Shin Ikkitousen" Coming Soon!!
Chubo Sonken: Ayaka Ohashi

Wanting to follow in her sister Hakufu’s footsteps, she transfers to Nanyo Academy where she is likely to become the next leader. She decides to make a grand entrance at Nanyo, but on her first day she screws up and displays even more incompetence than her sister. Although it’s said that her latent potential can easily surpass S-rank Toshi, in truth, very much is still unknown.
Shin-Ikkitousen-KV Spring 2022 Anime "Shin Ikkitousen" Coming Soon!!
Asaemon Yamada: Atsumi Tanezaki

A second-year Special A-rank warrior from Rokuhara High School. She’s one of the Kansai Toshi that Himiko orders to attack Nanyo Academy while Hakufu is not there. She’s so ruthless that even her friends detest her. She has always lived with loneliness, but when she crossed blades with Cho-un, she felt that she could relate to her in some way despite being enemies. As they parted, she vowed to have a rematch with her someday.
"Shin Ikkitousen" (Manga)
Shin-Ikkitousen-KV Spring 2022 Anime "Shin Ikkitousen" Coming Soon!!

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