Shirobako Special CD Preview

Shirobako CD

What You Need to Know:

  • This weekend will be marked by the 88th edition of Comiket in Japan. On that occasion, Shirobako will have a special CD with various theme songs, along with a Shirobako folk dance song titled "Shirobako Ondo", on sale there. A T-shirt will complete the set.
  • A preview of "Shirobako Ondo" has been revealed in the promotional video below!
Shirobako was chosen as Tsutomu Mizushima's best work by anime fans in a recent poll. You can find more about this poll and the rest of Tsutomu Mizushima's anime in our previous article.

Source: Yaraon

honeys anime character
Hey, Honey-chan! Will you be at Comiket this year?

honeys anime character
Of course! I'll be there to get all the latest info and let you know about it when I return!