Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle Announces Spring 2020 Start Date, Synopsis, PV, and Cast and Staff!

Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle

Fantasy, Action, Supernatural

Airing Date:
Spring 2020

project No.9

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A long time ago, the Kingdom of White was in the sky and the Kingdom of Black on earth and they kept the balance while revolving around each other.

But one day, the mighty King of Darkness appears. As he invades the Kingdom of White, he proposes a treaty to destroy the unsightly Baal.

Iris, the King of Light, believes what the messenger, Adel, says about his desire for balance and joins hands with him. And after being attacked by Adel, Iris trusts the Prince of Darkness and promise to work to bring about a peaceful world together.

But, their promise is being trampled on by the King of Darkness. He’s trying to not only destroy the Kingdom of White, but the Kingdom of Black and everything as well.

The Prince of Darkness realized his plan and, after lamenting at the bottom of the earth, he got the power to fly through the sky and headed towards Iris.

After taking down the Army of Darkness, the moment the Prince of Darkness extended his hand to Iris, one world has come to an end...

Characters & Voice Actors List

Prince of Darkness

Voice Actor: Yuki Kaji

King of Light (Iris)

Voice Actor: Yui Horie

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: COLOPL
  • Director: Masato Jinbo
  • Script: Masato Jinbo
  • Character Design: Yousuke Okuda
  • Music: Taku Iwasaki

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