Shonen Jump Drops Act-Age Manga Following Writer's Arrest

What You Need to Know:

  • On August 8th, Shounen Jump Tweeted that Tatsuya Matsuki, writer of the Act-Age manga, had been arrested on the suspicion of committing indecent acts with a middle school student and so the next chapter would be delayed until further investigations were finished.
  • Since then, and on August 10th, the editorial department at Shounen Jump has posted a statement saying that after confirming the facts and discussing with Shiro Usazaki (the manga's artist) they have decided that they cannot continue Act-Age manga series. Shounen Jump also made clear that they took the allegations very seriously as well as their social responsibility and that they were sorry for the readers—and Usazaki—but that it was a decision the editorial department had to make.
  • The stage play that was planned is also stalled while investigations happen and its future will likely be decided in the upcoming days, and the future of the planned anime series in uncertain.
  • NHK reported on August 8th that Matsuki had approached and assaulted a middle school girl in Nakano on July 18th. The student reported it to the police and upon further investigation, footage was found of Matsuki inappropriately touching a different middle school student.
  • Matsuki's last Twitter post and his post about the stage audition have been swarmed with angry and disappointed comments from fans and concerned people alike. Some commenters, especially women, denounce his actions and point out that he has betrayed the readers as well as Usazaki, whom he worked with on Act-Age. Other commenters are more concerned by the fact that people are more worried about their manga being canceled or Usazaki's job security than the wellbeing of the girls involved in the case.
  • Investigations still continue so we'll update you as more information becomes available.

Source: NHK

bee-sad Shonen Jump Drops Act-Age Manga Following Writer's Arrest
So disappointing...
bee-sad Shonen Jump Drops Act-Age Manga Following Writer's Arrest
Here's hoping those girls get the support they need.