Skating Across the Stars in Solar Ash!

solar_ash_splash Skating Across the Stars in Solar Ash!

Indie developer Heart Machine made a name for themselves when in 2016 they released Hyper Light Drifter, an amazing action/adventure hack and slash. This indie title showed a true balance between art and gameplay which made it award-winning. It's been several years since Hyper Light Drifter was released, and now we understand Heart Machine wanted to prove they weren’t a one-hit-wonder in the gaming award. Solar Ash, their newest game, has been on our radars for quite a while here at Honey’s Anime, and we’ve finally had the chance to play it for ourselves. Is Solar Ash another award-winning title for Heart Machine, or does it get eclipsed by the past Hyper Light Drifter? Let’s find out in our in-depth look at Solar Ash!

Space is Deadly but Majestic

solar_ash_splash Skating Across the Stars in Solar Ash!

In Solar Ash, players assume the role of Rei a so-called voidrunner who can skate across most terrain and slash through threats with her sword. Solar Ash seems almost overly whimsical at first as you see this beautiful mosaic of colors thrown at you that encompasses the landscape but this isn’t a very difficult title to pick up and play.

The main premise—and the majority of your time in Solar Ash—is to skate across terrains taking down various enemies and entities. Thanks to the stellar speed of Rei, going from point a to point b on any map feels quick and is truly an entertaining experience. We sometimes would find ourselves getting lost trying to speed across different areas that weren’t even our destination just because of how smooth movement feels in Solar Ash. The same can be said of combat which is very simple—you only have several abilities to use, such as a basic slash and the ability to instantly teleport to specific locations to either attack a boss’ weak point or reach a ledge in the distance. Solar Ash isn’t Dark Souls level hard, but it truly will test your reflexes and quick thinking during some of the meatier boss fights!

Those Visuals are Stellar

solar_ash_splash Skating Across the Stars in Solar Ash!

Seriously, Solar Ash could just be a moving wallpaper of a game, and we’d still buy it a hundred times over. It's breathtakingly gorgeous, with strong hues and colors that make staring at the screen almost a perquisite to enjoying the game. We had times where we’d put down our controllers, drink some coffee, and stare at Rei’s strange world just wondering how much effort it took to make these environments so colorful.

A Tale Unknown

What is inspired by games like Dark Souls and Nier is the strange lore in Solar Ash. Rei clearly is trying to stop something called the Ultravoid, which threatens to consume worlds via its black hole-like tendencies. As Rei dives into stopping this almost impossible threat, you as the player will need to piece together what really is the Ultravoid and solve the story of Rei’s existence. Exploring the planet and listening to NPCs will help you immensely, as just blazing through Solar Ash would be a big mistake.

Can We Have a Copy of the Soundtrack, Please!?

Solar Ash looks stunning, plays quite well, and also sounds mesmerizing! The OST in Solar Ash is second to none, and since our words can’t capture the various tunes and songs that play in Solar Ash, we do recommend donning some headphones, looking up the OST on YouTube, and just sitting back to those addicting beats.

Final Thoughts

Solar Ash is a breathtaking playable art piece, clearly inspired by Hyper Light Drifter but aiming to be even greater than it! We personally believe Solar Ash propels past Hyper Light Drifter and could be another award-winning indie game as more gamers play it! Don't you agree?

If you haven't played it yet, do yourself a favor and get your copy of Solar Ash now! It's available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

solar_ash_splash Skating Across the Stars in Solar Ash!


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