Snack World - Ongoing Anime

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Snack World

Kodomomuke, Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Airing Date:
April 13 2017


Honey’s Highlights

bee-surprised1 Snack World - Ongoing Anime
This... Is this the future of anime? I am so confused... what are we looking at?
bee-surprised1 Snack World - Ongoing Anime
This is anime. It is being made by a Japanese company in Japan, so yes. This is a bonafide action adventure anime. This is very unique. I can see though that this is a step further than Ajin.
bee-surprised1 Snack World - Ongoing Anime
Oh nice! This is also getting a Manga and Games as well. Level-5 is really going all out here to make sure that they expand hard and fast with this. We even have an English PV to compliment the Japanese PV!.
bee-surprised1 Snack World - Ongoing Anime
Huh.... Interesting. Well if it's good then I guess I will be giving this a shot.

Promotional Videos / PV

2016 PV

Japanese PV

English PV

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This story takes place in a certain time on a certain continent and is about a small thing. There was a large-scale leisure facility that was supposed to be established. However, there was a village in the area and the builders demanded that this village be evacuated so that the facility could be built. However, the village along with it’s residents refused to leave and in an instant, they perished along with the village. That village was where our hero Chup lived in his own small happiness. Having lost everything, he hits rock bottom depressed. Deciding to overcome his sadness though, he decides to set out on a journey of revenge.

Three Episode Impression

This anime is a bit different in terms of animation than the rest. Despite its cartoonish animation, it is still very smooth. But it does make it look more like a cartoon than an anime, but nonetheless in terms of the plot, it’s very decent. The story is about how a boy named Chap and his entourage embark on adventures together.

What’s interesting about this anime is that even though the plot is set in medieval times, it still has cool gadgets (phones) and even convenience stores. You can see it on the first episode it also has some sort of Wikipedia that provides information regarding monsters. Overall, a very good start. The animation might be a plus or minus to some people, but the rest is all good!

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Megumi Han

Chup has a strong sense of justice and one he gets fired up, no one can stop him. He does have a selfish side as well and can be bossy with his friends. The village he grew up in was destroyed and he lost his family in his past as well. In order to get revenge, he sets out on a great adventure.


Voice Actor: Ayana Taketatsu

Mayone is a high level witch, but she is a fairly gentle girl on the inside. In her party, she is the straightforward member who leads. If she gets angry, she is a bit scary.


Voice Actor: Kenji Sugimura

Pepperon used to be a knight for the palace, but one day something awkward happened and now he isn’t one. He met Chup one day though and that encounter breathed new hope into his life. Now, he has become attached to Chup.

Gobu-san (Gobson)

Voice Actor: Tadashi Miyazawa

Gob-san looks like a goblin but is actually a human! Due to some dark magic, he was transformed into a goblin. At least, that’s what this goblin-like creature insists is what happened while he travels with Chup. It seems almost as if he will not let the truth come to light. He does not seem to make much of a personality and acts like an old man.

Butako (Francine)

Voice Actor: Megumi Okada

Francene is a dragon with a pig nose! Chup calls her just Francine a lot. Chup saved her live at some point so Francine loves Chup deeply. As soon as Chup calls her name, she blushes.

Princess Melora

Voice Actor: Ryoka Yuzuki

Chup is infatuated with Princess Melora. She is the spoiled princess of the kingdom of French Toaster. Her sex appeal is befitting of her because she is the idol of the entire kingdom’s soldiers.

Ou-sama (King Majesty)

Voice Actor: Yoshiyuki Kaneko

King Majesty doles out various orders to Chup. He is the ruler of the French Toaster Kingdom. He spoils his daughter, Princess Melora, rotten, and whenever he is asked for something by her, he grants her wishes.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: MUGEN – The World by MICCA
  • Ending Song: TBA

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: LEVEL-5
  • Director: Akihiro Hino, Mori Takeshi
  • Script: Akihiro Hino
  • Character Design: Takuzou Nagano
  • Sound Director: Taro Hara
  • Music: Rei Kondou

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