New Visual Revealed for "Sonny Boy"! Starts July 15, 2021

Sonny Boy

Sci-Fi, Superpower, School

Airing Date:
Summer 2021


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It’s August 16 and the exceedingly long summer vacation is half over. Junior high school third grader Nagara was at school when he suddenly got dragged into an unimaginable situation. The school drifted into another dimension along with him, Mizuho, Asakaze, the mysterious transfer student Nozomi, and 33 other classmates. And to top that off, they each acquired special abilities. Having the time of their lives with their newfound supernatural powers, some are doing as they please and running amok, some are trying to take over as leader, and others are desperately looking for a way back home. In the face of a series of inexplicable situations, the boys and girls are suddenly thrown into a free-for-all for their survival. With emotions of swirling distrust and uncontrollable jealousy running high, and conflict arising from those who desire to rule, will Nagara and the others ever be able to break free of this world and return home safely?

Characters & Voice Actors List


Sonny-Boy-KV New Visual Revealed for "Sonny Boy"! Starts July 15, 2021

Voice Actor: Aoi Ichikawa

A third-year junior high school student tired of his environment and feels like giving up on his life. Seems like he is not communicating well with his family, keeps distance from his classmates and looks at them with a cold attitude. His acquired ability after the drift is still unknown.


Sonny-Boy-KV New Visual Revealed for "Sonny Boy"! Starts July 15, 2021

Voice Actor: Saori Oonishi

A transfer student from Berlin, who seems mysterious. On the first day of transfer, Nagara witnesses her ripping a textbook on the roof. She has a strong will and never changes herself no matter how difficult the situation is. This characteristic is clearly reflected in her eyes looking straight ahead. Her ability is “Compass”, which enables her to see a light that indicates whatever she is looking for from anywhere.


Sonny-Boy-KV New Visual Revealed for "Sonny Boy"! Starts July 15, 2021

Voice Actor: Aoi Yuuki

A third-year junior high school student who always carries a tote bag with three cats, "Tora, Gen, and Sakura," which her grandmother cherished. She has a self-paced and moody personality, and is honest with her feelings. She is isolated in her community as she doesn’t actively involve herself with others. Her newfound ability is called “Nyamazon”,where her cats brings whatever she desires. Her ability is indispensable for survival life and therefore other students rely on this, but Mizuho does not seem to like it.


Sonny-Boy-KV New Visual Revealed for "Sonny Boy"! Starts July 15, 2021

Voice Actor: Chiaki Kobayashi

He hates following orders and has a rebellious personality. When students caught the drift, he violently opposed the student organization's move to manage the students, causing a turmoil. His ability, “Slowlight” can control gravity. During the dangerous survival life, Asakaze's ability often helps others and gradually catches attention among the students who struggle to return to the original world.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Shounen Shoujo" by Ginnan BOYZ
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Natsugo Natsume
  • Director: Natsugo Natsume
  • Script: Natsugo Natsume
  • Character Design: Norifumi Kugai
  • Sound Director: Shouji Hata
  • Original Illustrator: Hisashi Eguchi

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