Sora & Haena! - An Unlikely Friendship [Manhwa]

It was time to bring something different to the table here at Honey’s Anime. With a lot of BL to go around, it’s easy to forget that other genres deserve some attention, too.

Sometimes it’s love at first sight, some other times it’s a friendship that turns into something else after some time. Building a girl x girl ship is as easy as it is with boys, and also as rewarding! What’s the case with Sora and Haena? Let’s find out!

A Chance Encounter

Sora doesn’t have a lot of friends. Well, to be completely honest, she has no friends at all. She’s shy, soft-spoken, and gets nervous around people easily, something that makes it almost impossible for her to make new friends. And if that's not enough, Sora spends most of her time studying, leaving her no time to pursue other activities. Still, Sora’s life changes one day when a random girl talks to her on the street and invites her to a karaoke bar.

Haena is a free spirit; she does whatever she wants, putting fun before anything. Maybe that’s why her grades are not the best? Not that it bothers her, since Haena just wants to get through high school and be done with all the studying. Haena notices that Sora is a bit stiff at the karaoke bar and, trying to make her loosen up, kisses Sora on the lips, taking the girl by surprise. When they’re leaving the place, Sora asks Haena if she can have her phone number, but Haena says no. Embarrassed, Sora goes home, not knowing all the things that were about to happen between them.

Let’s Make a Deal

Even though Sora feels like she has been rejected, she can’t forget Haena and her bright personality. But Sora has more pressing issues to solve right now: she lied to some of her classmates and told them she had a boyfriend. Why did she say that?! Now she has to find a boyfriend as soon as possible so her lie won’t be discovered. The problem is Sora is so timid she can hardly talk to people normally, let alone boys.

Just when she’s about to give up and tell the truth, she sees Haena at a park and ends up telling her about her problems. Haena finds Sora’s lie hilarious but agrees to help her find a boy. However, she also has something that she wants and asks Sora for her help in return. Haena will help Sora find a boyfriend, but Sora has to help Haena get into a university. And so an unlikely friendship between these two begins. Is it friendship? While Haena seems to be happy with the two of them hanging out, Sora starts to feel like she wants something different…

A Clear Goal

Sora has always been the top student at the school, never falling to second place. But after she starts tutoring Haena and spending more time with her, her grades start to suffer. It’s not like she falls to the bottom of the ranking, but getting second place is something she hasn’t experienced before. Nevertheless, Sora is not obsessed with her grades and doesn’t care about getting second place.

What Sora wants is to learn how to interact with people and eventually get a boyfriend. She also wants to help Haena with her studies, because that means she gets to see Haena often. As Sora spends more time with Haena she starts to notice that her heart flutters whenever she’s with her. What could be the reason? Thankfully for us, Sora is not one of those dense main characters, and she soon realizes that she likes Haena. She even confesses her feelings but regrets it immediately, so she tries to make it look like a joke. How long will it take for them to get together?

Final Thoughts

Sora and Haena is a manhwa about an unlikely friendship that soon appears to be something more. Each character in this story is so cute it’ll make readers want to scream into a pillow. Sora is so sweet and naive it’s impossible not to like her. On the other hand, Haena might be boisterous and loud, but she has a lovely and pure personality.

This is the perfect place to start if you want to read some Shoujo-Ai, and it’s also the perfect story for avid fans of this genre!

sora-haena-splash Sora & Haena! - An Unlikely Friendship [Manhwa]

Author: Yaz L.

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