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What is SoulWorker?

Recently, we here at Honey’s Anime reviewed an impressive free to play MMORPG called SoulWorker by developers Lion Games and had a lot of good things to say about this impressive anime styled title. We loved the use of not only anime-like visuals but the great combat style that made combat fun and exciting while playing. SoulWorker wowed us, but we noticed that not enough people out there are talking about this incredible game and maybe that’s because they don’t know enough about it. Don’t worry if you happen to be one of these people who wishes to get into SoulWorker but just don’t know enough about the game itself and/or why you should download it. In our article for SoulWorker, we will discuss what to expect in this action packed MMO, what makes the game so much fun and give you guys and girls a few pointers to how to get the most out of SoulWorker!

Save the world alone or with friends!

SoulWorker takes place in a future that is pretty grim overall. Players must embody a hero who has been teleported into the future and must now use their hidden powers to defeat various being coming from a large portal in the sky called The Void. Players can either go about this momentous task alone or with friends/other players to take down the creatures of The Void with teamwork. Choose from one of several hero types and unleash your powers to save the future and the remaining men and women who still live and breathe in it. Only you as a SoulWorker can accomplish this task of being the true anime hero!

What makes SoulWorker so great?

As we mentioned in our review of SoulWorker, we loved a lot of elements of this impressive MMORPG title that won’t actually cost you a dime to download and play. You can choose from one of several SoulWorker types and level them up to become truly kick butt heroes to the world. With a focus on anime-like action, SoulWorker has a ton of detail from the character models, cutscenes, music and even attacks you perform while you play. Join a group of other players, go at it alone or even fight others. SoulWorker has tons of ways to play and once again, you can do all of this without having to shell out any cash from your wallet. That’s always a nice incentive to a game as large and as spectacular as SoulWorker.

Honey’s Tips & Tricks for beginners

Are you a new hero in the world of SoulWorker and scared because you see how big this MMO title is? Don’t fret, our beautiful readers out there; We here at Honey’s Anime HQ were just like you when we began our trip into the world of SoulWorker and it took us several hours to get fully adjusted to this grandiose title. Thankfully, we did so we can now share with you some very important tips and tricks that will get you on your way to enjoying SoulWorker at the highest level. Even if you have just started or maybe have put in a dozen or more hours into SoulWorker, these tips might help you realize somethings you could have possibly forgotten or just eased over. They might seem like overly obvious tips and tricks, but you’d be amazed how many gamers tend to shy past these caveats when playing any title like SoulWorker. Now join us as we look at how to become a better player of SoulWorker!

1. Take in those tutorials!

We know reading manuals—which most games don’t come with anymore, sadly—and listening to tutorials can be an arduous task that feels boring and more like studying for an approaching exam. However, SoulWorker’s tutorials are actually extremely important in the beginning and in the late game. These tutorials might come at you at a wave of text—which will happen after the initial gameplay tutorials—but these instructional tomes of text will help you learn more about how to get the most out of your time with SoulWorker. You will learn how the hub world works, how to increase your stats, where some NPCs are and obviously just ways to become a better SoulWorker. Don’t feel the need to read all the tutorials in one fell swoop though, folks; these tutorials will be easily accessible anytime with just one click of the mouse. Read these instructional bits of information at your own pace and you’ll become a true SoulWorker before you know it!

2. Log in daily!

Whenever you play any free to play game, something happens very early on that most gamers tend to shrug off as unimportant. When you log in for the day in SoulWorker you gain some free gifts. While some players might just ignore those free items, we here at Honey’s Anime need to shake you and say, PAY ATTENTION! Those free log in bonuses are a great way for a beginner warrior to earn some free materials that might be beneficial to upgrading gear or even obtaining some necessary special items that might take a long time to find otherwise. Even if you can’t play SoulWorker for a long time, the following day you initially get it, be sure to log in for some free items and you might be surprised that your low-level hero surpasses others who started days before you.

3. Don’t be afraid to seek help!

The beauty of an MMORPG that allows players to go about playing mostly alone is that it’s good if you just want to game in a more single player esque setting. However, by going at SoulWorker alone, don’t forget there is a reason other gamers will be running around—or dancing—in the home base; this is a MMORPG after all! That is a very important element to SoulWorker to keep in mind, you don’t need to go about this battle alone. There will be some missions and some big boss events that players will find nearly impossible by themselves unless they over-level but that will make SoulWorker a bit tedious and no one wants that to happen. When you select a level that you don’t want to go about alone, be sure to hit the party search button to help assemble others who also are looking to tackle the same mission and wouldn’t mind an ally in the upcoming fight ahead. Also, feel free to message others—safely of course—to ask if they want to party up and take down some baddies together!

4. Grind out easier missions for materials!

It might seem obvious at first but sometimes, even the best gamers out there forget the most essential way of leveling up and getting gear in MMOs. Be prepared to grind in the very early levels! It is extremely important that players start off SoulWorker and go into the first several missions with the intention of killing enemies for both exp, material and of course, loot. This will be required from players of SoulWorker, as a lot of missions do have a level limit after the initial few, which means you might as well redo missions on harder difficulties as early on as you can. Not only will you get materials to upgrade your hero’s weapons and new armor, but you will be prepared for the harder challenges that lie ahead as you play SoulWorker. This tip is especially important if you do decide to take the more lone wolf approach when playing SoulWorker.

5. Don’t be afraid to try all SoulWorker classes out

Often, most MMO players will take the same hero they begin with and play for thirty to a hundred hours without ever trying out other classes. Let us tell you this is the wrong way to go about playing SoulWorker. There are several heroes to choose from upon the start—which we talk more about in our review—that each contain special weapons and abilities. Don’t be afraid to play for a few hours as one hero and then log off and change to another hero type. Your progress for your first character will still be there and that means you won’t lose any precious time if you decide your first choice was better than the other ones. Equally though, you won’t waste time building up a character that ultimately wasn’t as enjoyable as another hero could have been if you would have just tried them out. Bottom line, folks, try out all the SoulWorker archetypes to see who will be the one you want to stick with for the long haul.

Honey’s Final Thoughts

SoulWorker is a game that even now we’re finding new things to do and ways to enjoy this impressive—and free to play—MMORPG. We could easily spend hours and hours playing SoulWorker and any game that offers that to a gamer is a pretty amazing title in our eyes. Have you downloaded SoulWorker yet or are you thinking about it now? Let us know in the comments below! We recommending giving it a shot and Play Now! Plus, if you feel like you need to know more about SoulWorker please check out our review of SoulWorker where we go more in depth of the gameplay concepts and mechanics. Hopefully you enjoyed this article about SoulWorker and if you did we have other articles like this one here at Honey’s Anime!

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