Spiritpact - Winter 2017 Anime

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Action, Supernatural, Shounen-ai

Airing Date:
January 7 2017

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Honey’s Highlights

bee-disgust Spiritpact - Winter 2017 Anime
No no no no no BL. Stop it China. We already have enough. No more please and thank you. You can have this back. I'm gunna put it on the ground right here and walk away.
bee-disgust Spiritpact - Winter 2017 Anime
You are such a drama queen. So Loveless anyone? Or even Taboo Tattoo but less Yuri?
bee-disgust Spiritpact - Winter 2017 Anime
Considering that the Main Character knows nothing about himself, but the people around him do is a lot like Ao no Exorcist. Yukio and Rin are not about to get it on, but that does make sense.
bee-disgust Spiritpact - Winter 2017 Anime
I wanna watch this because of the... romance... yeah but I am a bit nervous about the fighting...

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Poverty-stricken Keika You was in a traffic accident. When he opens his eyes, he looks ten years younger, just like a youthful boy! Just when he thought he could start his life afresh and become successful, a super-hot rich guy with white hair appears before him.

This handsome guy, who calls himself a ‘Youmeishi’ (Ruler of Light and dark), tells Keika that he’s already dead before inviting him to enter a suspicious contract with him. From then on, the two go on a journey through which they support each other with overflowing feelings.

Three Episode Impression

Spiritpact is a show that has the potential to be a decent fantasy series. It has a fairly simple plot that allows for a lot of arcs and battles and essentially endless continuation. This can be problematic if it stays this way too long without developing a proper plot. That aside, it’s also doing a good job in creating a lot of drama per episode and having pretty interesting characters. At first, most seem like cardboard cutouts, but You embodies “you,” as his character responds to most situations like a anime fan would. Shin does a good job breaking her first impression and Tanmoku is basically just awesome. However, it still has some apparent issues. Despite a heap of events occurring each episode, the show feels like it’s dragging. We found ourselves checking to see how much time was left each episode, and not in a good way. However, the main aspect that hurts the show is that its animation feels like something from the 90s. For fantasy, an old-school vibe can work, but then it needs to be really gritty. Spiritpact hasn’t shown that darkness yet and so its animation just feels a bit outdated.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Keika You

Voice Actor: Yuichi Iguchi

While he was alive, he was a 23 year-old man living in poverty. Although his ancestors were exorcists, he worked as an unsuccessful fortune teller. In order to make a living, You ran a computer repair shop. He lived in an apartment building that was neither luxurious nor run down, and although he often messed around with his neighbours, they got on well.

Now that he is dead, he looks like a fourteen year old. The form you show as a spirit is from the time most important to you in your life - 14 was the most important point for You.

Ki Tanmoku

Voice Actor: Shunsuke Takeuchi

An 18 year old man with silver hair who works as a ‘Youmeishi.’ He has strong powers and dignified features, but is full of mysteries including his family background. He happens to meet Keika You, and for some reason demands that he becomes his ‘Eirei’ (Shadow Spirit)...

Shiyou Shin

Voice Actor: Rumi Okubo

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Mugendai by Yu Jiaoyan
  • Ending Song: Endless Stories by RiyO

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Pingzi
  • Director: Li Haolin
  • Script: Torii Reiko, Masako Hayashi
  • Sound Director: Koichi Iizuka

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