Splatoon Anime Announced!

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What You Need to Know:

  • Oh twitter, how we love you and your leaks. Well, maybe not a leak since the date has passed, but apparently this flew under everyone's radar because popular shooter game from Nintendo, Splatoon, announced that it was getting an anime!
  • The series is actually being released in manga form and written by Sankichi Hinodeya in Japan and has been licensed in NA for an English release this year. The announcement came in the August edition of the CoroCoro Comic and it is the manga that will be adapted.
  • The series will not be a TV anime, but rater a web anime available some time in August. Do you love Splatoon? Are you excited? Have you read the manga or reserevd the English one? Be sure to let us know below!

Splatoon-JapaneseTanko-Vol01-225x350 Splatoon Anime Announced!
Wow. This.... is actually kinda cool. I cannot wait for Splatoon 2!
Splatoon-JapaneseTanko-Vol01-225x350 Splatoon Anime Announced!
The suids are so cute. I love their designs!

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