Stay Gold: It’s Not Incest If You’re Not Blood-Related

We all know that BL stories are typically just one volume long, something that we’re used to but we still find annoying sometimes. It’s understandable, it can be a little hard for mangakas to keep a story within this genre going for more than one volume, but sometimes we wish we could get some extra chapters. However, this time we’ll talk about Stay Gold, the kind of manga that managed to stay with us for several volumes, and we gotta say it’s more than enjoyable!

Help Me, Step-Uncle. I’m Stuck!

Unlike many other BL manga, Stay Gold is a story you can go back to every time you want a light story to savor. With some touches of slice of life, this manga tells the story of a household that seems normal at first, but things get complicated as you get more into the plot. After her sister leaves, Yuuji is left to take care of his nephew, Hayato, and his niece, Kikka. For the first couple of years, everything is fine in the Nakayama household, until Hayato reaches his teen years...

Once Hayato turns fourteen, he confesses his love to Yuuji, leaving him confused and with no clue as to how to react. Of course, he doesn’t take him seriously at first, but Hayato is not willing to give up, repeatedly telling Yuuji how he feels about him every chance he gets. The story progresses gradually, with the relationship between uncle and nephew changing at a slow pace with each new chapter. If you’re thinking this might not be your type of manga because these two are from the same family, don’t worry! Yuuji and Hayato are not related by blood, so you can enjoy this fluffy story without feeling guilty.

Confusing Feelings

Yuuji has no experience being the head of a family, but after his sister decides to leave, he becomes the guardian of two little kids. He knows he can’t rely on his younger brother, Kou, whose main concern is to find a new girl to sleep with each week, so at first, Yuuji finds it hard to keep up with Hayato’s demands while raising baby Kikka, but soon he becomes better at it.

With Hayato’s confession comes a sudden realization: all this time, Yuuji has been infatuated with his older sister. Even Hayato noticed this and pointed it out after telling Yuuji how he feels about him. Yuuji tried to repress those feelings because he felt like he was doing something wrong, even though she wasn’t really his sister. When Hayato kisses Yuuji out of nowhere, he freezes for a moment… only to realize that he doesn’t really mind it.

Side Stories

One of the best things about Stay Gold is that we get extras every couple of chapters, each of them focusing on a different character, giving us a different perspective and point of view. For example, we get to see Miura’s (one of Hayato’s classmates) point of view, and how she wants to get closer to him and eventually confesses her feelings. She wants to become pretty for Hayato and is always trying to find a way to strike up a conversation. Unfortunately, we know it’s useless, but we’re still rooting for her!

We also get to know Jin through these extras. He’s Kou’s best friend and he is hiding a huge secret: not only is he gay but he also has a crush on Kou! Page after page, we get to see Jin getting more involved with the Nakayama household, even tutoring Hayato to improve his grades. Will Jin ever be able to tell Kou the way he feels?

Final Thoughts

Stay Gold is not a manga for those who like fast-paced stories and a lot of sexy time between the characters. It takes its time to develop, introducing the characters and working on the plot in a very careful way. One thing is for sure: you’ll fall in love with this weird family even before you finish reading the first chapter!

If you feel strange reading incest manga, how about starting with such a sweet story?

Stay-Gold Stay Gold: It’s Not Incest If You’re Not Blood-Related

Author: Yaz L.

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