Suicide Squad but With Cute Anime Girls and an Extremely Attractive Man – Spy Kyoushitsu (Spy Classroom), Vol.1, [Light Novel]

A Little Bit of Everything Will Be Suffice.
  • Mangaka : Takemachi (Story) and Tomari (Art)
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Action, Comedy, Mystery, Romance
  • Published : August 2021 - Ongoing

After the war between the Din Republic and the Empire, both countries decided to form a peace treaty. However, that didn’t stop the shadow war that public officials were unaware of, let alone the general population. One unusual spy, Klaus, has been tasked to take on an Impossible Mission with a 90 percent chance of mortality. To succeed, he scouted his members from the spy academies. Most of them are washouts with no practical experience. Are they up for this task?

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Spy Classroom! A light novel series where Lily and other members from other spy academies are gathered at Heat Haze Palace to learn and train to become an elite spy. Klaus will be their mentor to guide them in their training and during their mission. One little tiny problem may have put them on the 90 percent side of death: Klaus doesn’t know how to teach at all! Yes, he is a genius, but not a good mentor in a situation like this when you have one month of training.

Why You Should Read Spy Kyoushitsu (Spy Classroom)

1. Family

Most of us probably were aware that we have to be sceptical about almost everything in life when it comes to Spy jobs. One second is more than enough that could determine the consequences of your life. In the Heat Haze Palace history, Klaus and his members’ main hideout used to belong to the famous spy team Inferno. The team that got killed in this same Impossible Mission and Klaus used to be in that team and the sole survivor. So you can get an idea of what Klaus has in mind.

At least, that is what you thought, right? The moment the girls become his apprentices, his views on life changed for the better. Thus, Lamplight was formed as their new group. We initially thought Klaus was more of a strict mentor who would train them to the brink of death, but that wasn’t the case. The one factor that makes him the best spy and mentor is that he cares about them and will always prioritize their lives instead of his own. However, he is not good at teaching.

2. Background Checks

Being a spy doesn’t mean you’re obligated to tell others of your true self. The girls were orphans and had been placed in a Spy Academy. No matter how much training they have been in those days, they are still young and sometimes find some time to enjoy their youth, leading into their unorthodox action before and during the mission. It isn’t that big, but more of a weapon of destruction that is a bioweapon. No, we don’t mean the Resident Evil kind of bioweapon, but still a slow death regardless.

So far, this volume showed more about Lily, Erna and Klaus in terms of their history. Because of the number of pages intended on this volume, along with the main story and how they got to the end, it is well balanced, and I felt like they provided enough context to understand their intentions and actions.

3. Lies and Deception

If you’re weak and inexperienced in this kind of field, you need to win with deception. Because of the massive gap in experience between Klaus and Lamplight, Klaus had an idea, thanks to Lily’s first move on him, that is to have them try to defeat him by any means. Why? He can’t be killed and has all the skills he needed to defy all logic. He is either lucky, equipped with a plot armour that could be said to all other main characters in the stories, or just downright an airhead who go with the flow.

The whole point is that he puts his team in practical training to learn and hone their skills. Working together as a team of seven to point out every possible flaw in their plans and always amend their plans during their attempts. The beauty of their teamwork is the main attraction of this story, using everything they can get their hands on to increase their odds, even if it is a small percentage of success.

Why You Should Skip Spy Kyoushitsu (Spy Classroom)

1. A Little Details of the Weapons

The overall story and the direction are well thought out and written. But there is one particular set of details we were hoping to look forward to in the future volumes: the description of details of their weapons such as their shape, attachments, types of rounds, melee weapons, and the designs of their spy outfits. Knowing these details would make the whole reading experience a bit more enjoyable. By spy outfits, we meant the time when they execute their Impossible Mission.

Final Thoughts

Spy Kyoushitsu (Spy Classroom) is a spy series with the concept of family, learning their flaws, and discovering their specialities to support their team. Lily can bring the team together and help Klaus find a way to teach them. Their preparation and execution for the Impossible Mission and the character story of their past solidify their intentions and motivation to become better and help protect their country and people from the Empire. If you love to read a spy type of light novel, this would be your go-to series to experience what it feels like to accept yourself to strive for improvement and protect the weak.

Spy-Kyoushitsu-novel-353x500 Suicide Squad but With Cute Anime Girls and an Extremely Attractive Man – Spy Kyoushitsu (Spy Classroom), Vol.1, [Light Novel]


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