Visual Released for Traveling Anime "Tabi Hani"!

Tabi Hani

Slice of Life, Adventure

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n order to achieve a certain goal, Akari and Nagi have gone on their first Summer trip since entering high school to a certain place. Akari only wants to reach their destination, but Nagi has determined that she’s putting everything into enjoying the journey. Akari rushes forward while Nagi goes sightseeing. Despite being inwardly frustrated, Akari eventually gets sucked into Nagi’s pace. While enjoying the sights and scenery, little by little, Akari realizes that maybe traveling isn’t so bad after all. And when they finally reach their destination...

Characters & Voice Actors

tabi-hani-kv Visual Released for Traveling Anime "Tabi Hani"!
Akari Yashima: Miyu Tomita

High school freshmen. The quiet type. When she was young, her busy parents relied on a “travel enthusiast” woman to take care of her. Wanting to follow in her footsteps, Akari wanted to someday travel as well.
tabi-hani-kv Visual Released for Traveling Anime "Tabi Hani"!
Nagi Kitayama: Kaori Maeda

High school freshmen. Straightforward and innocent. Gives her all no matter what she’s doing. Intrigued by her classmate Akari’s mysterious aura, she reached out to her.

Main Staff
  • Director: Kazuya Sakamoto
  • Character Design: Hajime Mitsuda

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