Salacious Yuri Harem Anime Tachibanakan To Lie Angle Airs April 4, OP Song Information Now Out!

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Tachibanakan To Lie

Harem, Yuri

Airing Date:
April 4 2018

Creators in Pack, Studio Lings

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The lucky pervert of a harem manga was actually a girl!?

With her advancement into high school, Hanabi returned home for the first time in six years way out in the countryside. Thinking that staying in the fashion-forward, designer, mansion-esque dormitory “Tachibana-kan” (橘館) was going to allow her to attend school rather elegantly, a blunder causes her to have to be stuck with moving into some run-down place called “Tachibana-kan”(立花館). From her first day moving in, she accidentally encounters some strange, butt-naked beautiful girl, an older-sister type and accidentally witnesses her embarrassing moments. On top of all of this, she bumps into her old childhood friend and ends up staring at her in another embarrassing moment.

“So basically, WHO would consider this to be ‘lucky♪’”?!

There are a lot of boobs in this.

There are a lot of dreams in this. ♪

There are also butts in this too! ☆

Characters & Voice Actors List

Hanabi Natsuno

Voice Actor: Minami Tsuda

School Year: First-year High School Student
Height: 152cm
Birthday: May 5th
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Hanabi is shy, but has excellent manners, and this first-year high school student is conscious of others. With her advancement into high school, she returns home in the countryside for the first time in six years. Due to a misunderstanding, she has to move into Tachibanakan, but the residents gradually start to understand each other. This includes her childhood best friend, Yoriko Fujiwara, who is the manager, their friend Yuu Tsukishiro, and fellow first-year high school student, Iori Takamura among others.

Konomi Fujiwara

Voice Actor: Amira Sakuragi

School Year: Third-year Middle School Student
Height: 150cm
Birthday: August 31
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Konomi is a third-year middle school student who yearns for Hanabi to be her older sister. She is the younger sister of the manager, Yoriko Fujiwara. When she was young, she played often with Hanabi. She has a harsh manner of speaking but that is because she is terrible at honestly expressing her feelings. However, at her core, she is extremely gentle and sensitive. Ever since Hanabi came to live in Tachibanakan, Konomi views Iori as a rival for Hanabi’s feelings.

Iori Takamura

Voice Actor: Airsa Nakada

School Year: First-year High School Student
Height: 154cm
Birthday: February 12
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Iori is a first-year high school student who moved into Tachibanakan the day before Hanabi arrived. She doesn’t speak much and her actions themselves are rather mysterious. At first glance, there’s no way to tell what she is thinking. However, she is very direct when expressing her emotions, both good and bad, and sometimes, her boldness surprises Hanabi and those around her. Also, she has a bad habit of randomly undressing.

Yoriko Fujiwara

Voice Actor: Rei Matsuzaki

School Year: Company Employee
Height: 166cm
Birthday: April 19th
Astrological Sign: Aries
Yoriko is the manager of Tachibanakan, the older sister of Konomi Fujiwara, and she carefully observes her surroundings as the mother of Tachibanakan. She always has an undying smile on her face, and just like her impression, she has a cheerful personality. Her bottomless brightness helps when sometimes she has to give advice and help with the worries and concerns of the residents of Tachibanakan. After a certain happening, Yuu Tsukishiro went from being just an acquaintance to a very close friend.

Yuu Tsukishiro

Voice Actor: Mikako Komatsu

School Year: Company Employee
Height: 166cm
Birthday: July 25th
Astrological Sign: Leo
After a certain happening, Yoriko went from just being an acquaintance to someone who continues to live at Tachibanakan. She is manly, and with her outspoken personality, if Yoriko is the mother of Tachibanakan, Yuu is the father. She loves extreme physical contact and more than anyone else, she easily makes physical contact. Sometimes, as the mood maker, she even organizes events.

Sonoa Mitsui

Voice Actor: Eri Kitamura

School Year: Second-year University Student
Height: 160cm
Birthday: November 2nd
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Sonoa was saved by Yuu after she got trapped by a man in an Izakaya and subsequently came to live at Tachibanakan. She generally has a high-handed manner of speaking and is very confident. At the same time, she’s a show-off, but she also is good at taking care of others. Sonoa is constantly complaining about how run-down Tachibanakan is, but even though she does not realize it, she appears to have adapted to living there.

Other TitleLove to Lie Angle
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Motto, Nee Motto by Erabareshi

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: merryhachi
  • Director: Hisayoshi Hirasawa
  • Script: WORDS in STEREO
  • Series Composition: WORDS in STEREO
  • Character Design: Yutsuko Hanai
  • Sound Director: Hisayoshi Hirasawa

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