Team17 and Petroglyph Reveal Forged Battalion

What You Need to Know:

  • It looks like Command & Conquer fans have something to be excited about, as Team 17 has partnered with Westwood Studios and Command & Conquer veterans Petroglyph Games to bring Forged Battalion, an innovative and dynamic take on the classic genre, to Steam Early Access in early 2018.
  • In Forged Battalion players will build and customise their own unique faction as they fight in a variety of skirmish, solo, and multiplayer battles. The players are not only commanders, but also engineers – so they have ultimate control over their faction’s units, factories, superweapons and economy.
  • Create, customise, and develop the blueprints of your emerging faction to create ever-evolving factories and units. Using resources gained from each battle, you will unlock new options through the metagame tech tree allowing you to choose the archetype, and an array of armours, locomotors, weapons, and special abilities such as stealth and regeneration that will make your faction one of a kind. As more technology is unlocked, your designs become more advanced. Ultimately, you will have access to the most powerful options, including an array of deadly superweapons to launch against your foes. Check out some of the key features below!

Source: Official Press Release

Key Features

Forge Your Faction - Modify every unit chassis (Infantry, Light Vehicle, Heavy Vehicle, Aircraft) with a host of weapons, support and locomotor types. Add regenerative armour to your light vehicle, or add an anti-tank gun to your aircraft. Adapt to every situation, and every opponent.

Persistent Tech Tree - Each battle you fight, in each mode, contributes towards your faction’s technology upgrades with different science paths; advancing the tech tree unlocks blueprints.

A Dynamic Story Campaign - The Resistance needs you to forge a new force to be reckoned with. Play through an exciting story campaign that will test your ability to react and adapt to the increasing threat of the “The Collective”.

Online Multiplayer - Join up to seven other players in a variety of online multiplayer modes for intense tactical co-operative and versus action on dedicated servers.

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Planned Early Access Launch Content

Though the Command & Conquer veterans are hugely experienced in the genre, the team at Petroglyph want building Forged Battalion to be a truly collaborative process with Real-Time Strategy fans and is anticipating that the game will be in Steam Early Access for approximately six months.

At least five Campaign missions comprising the first act of a multi-act storyline

  • At least five Skirmish maps supporting up to eight players
  • Multiple Skirmish game modes including HQ Destruction and Annihilation
  • Dedicated servers to support multiplayer
  • Official Trailer

    Forged Battalion Announcement Teaser

    honeys anime character
    This is awesome! I've been a huge fan of C&C for years!

    honeys anime character
    Great to see the team bringing back the nostalgia for us C&C junkies!