Teekyuu 7th Season - Anime Winter 2016

Teekyuu-7-dvd-300x346 Teekyuu 7th Season - Anime Winter 2016

Teekyuu-7-dvd-300x346 Teekyuu 7th Season - Anime Winter 2016

Teekyuu 7th Season


Comedy, Shounen, Sports

Airing Date:
January 11, 2016



The 7th season of the Teekyuu anime series.

This is about the side-splitting everyday lives of the 4 girls of Kameido High School’s tennis club.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Yuri Oshimoto

Voice Actor: Yui Watanabe

She’s the Kameido tennis club’s one and only 1st year. She’s always being dragged along by her silly seniors and often finds herself playing the straightman, though she seems to enjoy this. A favourite pass time of hers is collecting shounen manga.

Kanae Shinjou

Voice Actor: Suzuko Mimori

She’s in the tennis club but can hardly play the sport, and is quite slow on the uptake. She’s tiny and likable.
Watching movies is her hobby, and it seems like each episode’s subtitle is the title of the movie she saw the day before...

Nasuno Takamiya

Voice Actor: Kyoko Narumi

A mysterious, natural-seeming rich girl who solves everything with money. Everytime she tries to distance herself from the other 3, she ends up getting involved with them further. She seems to be quite good at tennis.

Marimo Bandou

Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawa

She’s a lively and gentle beauty, but is a pervert who loves panties.
She’s always being pressured thinking that she always has to say something funny, cause of her Kansai accent, and she’s also sensitive about her considerable height.

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Other Titleてーきゅう 7期, Teekyu 7th Season
Airing Info

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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Tsuppari-kun vs Sekitori-man by Yuri, Kanae, Nasuno and Marimo
  • Ending Song: TBA

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Piyo, Tsugeo Terada
  • Director: Shin Itagaki
  • Script: Shin Itagaki
  • Character Design: Shin Itagaki

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