Teekyuu 9 - Summer 2017 Anime

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Teekyuu 9

Comedy, Sports

Airing Date:
July 12 2017

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Honey’s Highlights

honey-detective Teekyuu 9 - Summer 2017 Anime
Teekyuu 9 for summer! Teekyuu 8 was back in fall 2016, huh... This summer is shaping up to be pretty hilarious.
honey-detective Teekyuu 9 - Summer 2017 Anime
Teekyuu has everything a comedy fan could want. Slapstick, puns, funny man and straight man routines, and pure ridiculousness.
honey-detective Teekyuu 9 - Summer 2017 Anime
Plus Best Girl Marimo, aka the pervert princess with a fetish for eating panties... She pretty much sums up Teekyuu, actually.
honey-detective Teekyuu 9 - Summer 2017 Anime
If you're not sure whether to take the Teekyuu plunge, it's definitely worth it if you loved Usakame, Plastic Neesan, and Ai Mai Mii!

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The 9th season of Teekyuu.

Teekyuu follows the side-splittingly hilarious daily lives of four girls, the members of Kameido High School tennis club who kind of play tennis - and kind of don’t. Today, tomorrow, and the day after that, whether these four are together or not you’re guaranteed to burst out laughing at this tennis anime!

Three Episode Impression

So, we have another short series that spans over 2 minutes long per episode. This time it’s about a bunch of wacky eccentric school girls, each with their own quirks. Each episode tells a different story, usually about a specific event involving those girls. It’s a short comedy series, so if you are the type to binge watch anime, this anime is worth a try. It wouldn’t hurt to spend 2 minutes to watch.
Since the duration is short, you must prepare to be a fast reader since the dialogue is very fast paced. The series definitely has its appeal, with great graphics and animation. The characters were also very unique and contrast each other. Just a perfect blend of comedic aspects.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kanae Shinjou

Voice Actor: Suzuko Mimori

A stupid-remark machine who’s a member of the tennis club despite not actually being able to play tennis. Small and clingy. Her hobby is watching movies, and apparently each episode is named after the last movie she watched...

Yuri Oshimoto

Voice Actor: Yui Watanabe

The only first year in the tennis club. Whilst being dragged this way and that by her idiot upperclassmen, she somehow ended up being the one to put them down with witty remarks, but she actually seems to enjoy it.

Nasuno Takamiya

Voice Actor: Kyoko Narumi

A mysterious airhead princess character who tries to solve every issue by throwing money at it. She tries to keep a distance from the other three, but always ends up getting caught up in their antics. Apparently she’s pretty good at tennis.

Marimo Bandou

Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawa

Energetic, beautiful, and kind, but a total pervert whose favourite food is panties. She worries about the pressure of having to say something funny because she has a Kansai accent, and her tall height.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Dream First Sensei-shon! by Yui Watanabe
  • Ending Song: Kaiun! Shoufuku! Entenka by Earth Star Dream

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Roots (Tsugeo Tarada)
  • Director: Shin Itagaki
  • Script: Shin Itagaki
  • Character Design: Shin Itagaki
  • Original Illustrator: Piyo

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