Temtem's New Update Finally Makes It an MMORPG

temtem_musa Temtem's New Update Finally Makes It an MMORPG

When Temtem’s Early Access first released back in January, we had a blast playing it. The first week alone, we had more than 100 hours of gameplay (according to Steam), with several Luma temtem (the equivalent of a shiny pokémon) in our team and enough money to buy even more perfect monsters on Discord's black market. However, Temtem was lacking something really important: enough features to actually be called an MMORPG.

Fast-forward to July, and Temtem's first big update is finally available, bringing several new monsters, another dojo, and more. Here are our impressions after a few days playing it!

Are We Getting Our Ice Skates Back?

If you're new to Temtem, one of the most popular inside jokes—don't try your luck, though... most people will get pissed at you—is asking how to get your ice skates back. You see, the ice skates are one of the items that let you access some specific areas that are otherwise hidden or blocked, but at some point in the story, you inevitably lose them. Legend says that Carlos—a famous detective that assigns you some questions—found your skates, and you need to meet him in Kisiwa... an island that was inaccessible before this new update. Another legend says that one of our editors, in disguise as Carlos in the official Discord server, was the one to spread that rumor... but at this point, that's kind of irrelevant, right?

Anyway, since the whole thing is kind of important, we won't tell you whether you can get your ice skates back or not, but we will talk about the new content!

It’s Not an MMORPG If There Are No In-Game Chat or Guilds

temtem_musa Temtem's New Update Finally Makes It an MMORPG

In Temtem's early builds, the chat was there, but it was later removed for the Early Access release. Although we were told it was being revamped, not having a chat was such a blow for the whole community, more so considering one of the characteristics that make Temtem different from Pokémon and other Pokémon clones is this game being an MMORPG experience. With the new update, the chat is back, but that's not the only interaction-oriented feature. Clubs, Temtem's take on guilds, are now a thing, and every player can create or join one if they feel like bonding with other tamers—that's the only use they have nowadays, but in the future, they will be the heart of PvP.

Both the chat and the clubs are so important now because you can trade, ask for help, or just talk about random stuff with other players without the need for a third-party platform like Discord, but also because these were announced months ago, so most players were going to complain if these changes weren't ready by this update. After all, most of us finished the story in a couple days. Now we can run around and interact with other people, at least!

More Monsters, More Moves, More Items, and a New Dojo!

If you think these 2 social features are the only new content, you're wrong. Now your temtem can get to level 58, which generally means some new evolutions and techniques, but it's even more important since we can finally see the final form of the 3 starters: Baboong evolves into Seismunch, Tental evolves into Nagaise, and Sherald evolves into Tortenite.

Once your team is trained enough, you can pay a visit to Musa, the dojo leader in Vumbi, and one of the more powerful foes we can find so far. By following the campaign, you can also get the climbing gear, allowing you to climb and traverse cliffs.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this new update gives us one more region to explore, and now we're closer to completing our Tempedia (aka Temtem's Pokédex). However, there's no sign of this majestic baboon-like temtem that happens to be my favorite, so I can't be 100% happy yet... Oh, and there's this gorgeous wolf with a braid that appeared in Kisiwa's promotional image, too! Please, Crema Games, I need these cuties in my team asap!

temtem_musa Temtem's New Update Finally Makes It an MMORPG

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temtem_musa Temtem's New Update Finally Makes It an MMORPG

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