Terra Formars Revenge - Anime Spring 2016

Terra Formars Spring 2016 anime
Terra Formars Spring 2016 anime

Terra Formars Revenge


Action, Horror, Sci-fi

Airing Date:
April 1 2016



The second season of Terra Formars.

The year is now 2620 and the birth of a pathogen that is 100% lethal known as the Alien Engine Virus needs a vaccine. In order to make one, Akari Hizamaru and company will travel to mars to collect a sample from the strangely evolved, giant, human-sized cockroaches nicknamed “Terraformars”

Due to an unexpected accident though, they suddenly find themselves under a fierce attack by the Terraformars. Somehow though, Akari’s team manages to survive. However, under the surface of the success of their mission, the greatest struggle of humanity is breaking out. This second round of the battle of survival set on the stage of Mars begins!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Akari Hizamaru

terra formars revenge akari hizamaru

Voice Actor: Yoshimasa Hosoya

Akari is the main character from Annex 1. He has a strong sense of justice, a kind heart, and is a straight cut guy. The circumstances surrounding his birth are unknown, and what is known is that while he was growing up, he inherited the abilities that normally result from bug modification surgery. Not only has he succeeded an older form of Jiu jutsu, he also has undergone a new M.O. operation that allows him to freely use his powers and he can survive on Mars with no issue.

Shoukichi Komachi

terra formars revenge komachi shoukichi

Voice Actor: Hidenobu Kiuchi

Shoukichi is the leader of Annex 1 and the head of the first group of the Japan America Alliance. He is the sole survivor of the Bugs II incident 20 years ago. He has never undergone the M.O. operation, and rather than pursue knowledge, he has eventually built a very strong body to the point where he can pulverize a terra formar in an instant. Sometimes, his mischievous side does peek through, but when quarrels do arise, he is able to keep cool and calm and judge the situation carefully.

Michelle K Davis

terra formars revenge michelle k devis

Voice Actor: Shizuka Itou

Michelle is the sub-leader of Annex one as well as the leader of the second group of the Japanese America Alliance. Michelle is extremely strong-willed and no one’s heart burns with more passion than hers. She is the daughter of Donatello K Davis who was the captain of Bugs II, and as such she inherited her Bugs abilities from her father at birth. She feels that she must carry out her father’s work against the terra formars and goes to Mars with revenge burning in her heart.

Marcos Eringrad Garcia

terra formars revenge marcos e garcia

Voice Actor: Kaito Ishikawa

Marcos was born in a town in northern Mexico that was run by a narcotics drug cartel. After entering America illegally, he decided he no longer wanted to be poor so he became a volunteer soldier for U-NASA. The bounds of his love are great and wide, and while sometimes his childish words and actions do stand out, he also has a strong tendency to care for his fellow comrades. He has been together with Alex since he was a child, and so on the battle field against the terra formars, they can combine their powers to demonstrate a fierce attack. He uses the Arachne Buster MKII to attack.

Alex Kandley Stewart

terra formars revenge alex k stewart

Voice Actor: KENN

Alex is a childhood friend of Marcos. After they entered America illegally, he also enlisted with Marcos into the U-NASA volunteer soldier program. Alex is cool, calm, and collected with great judgment skills, and is observant. Even among his friends and colleague he is often fielding requests. His dream is to become a major-league baseball player. Alex has great pride in his ability to throw strong fast balls which gave birth to his ability to beat down his foes from long distances pulverizing them. He uses the Landi Johnson as his weapon of choice.

Sylvester Asimov

terra formars revenge sylvester asimov

Voice Actor: Unshou Ishizuka

Sylvester is the head of group three which is composed of Russia and Northern Europe. Originally he was just a warrior from a small commonwealth that was a part of Russia, but when his daughter contracted the A.E. Virus, he immediately went and joined the Annex Project. If it is for his daughter or his family, he will not stop at all costs no matter how loathesome it is. He is a Nanadan (7th grade) in Judo and has trained extensively as a soldier and as such, he has a massively strong body that he freely uses to defeat his enemies.

Promotional Videos / PV

Other Titleテラフォーマーズリベンジ
Airing Info

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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Kouryoutaru Shin Sekai and Planet by Seikima-II
    The Hell by Seikima-II
  • Ending Song: Red Zone by Zwei Fuki
    Strength by Fuki
    Revolution by Nao

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Yuu Sasuga, Kenichi Tachibana
  • Director: Michio Fukuda
  • Series Composition: Naruhisa Arakawa
  • Character Design: Atsushi Ikariya, Masahiro Aizawa
  • Sound Director: Takayuki Yamaguchi
  • Music: Takafumi Wada

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