thatgamecompany Expands on Their Emotional Storytelling and Global Community Initiatives Through Sky Animated Project and More

That-Game-Company-Logo-560x560 thatgamecompany Expands on Their  Emotional Storytelling and Global Community Initiatives Through Sky Animated Project and More

What You Need to Know:

  • ICYMI, thatgamecompany, the studio dedicated to creating timeless interactive entertainment that inspires human connection worldwide, and creators of critically acclaimed experiences flOw, Flower, Journey, and Sky gave the first glimpse at their new storytelling project; a Sky-based animated project, expanding the world and lore of Sky: Children of the Light.
  • While presenting at the main stage of Anime Japan 2022, thatgamecompany provided fans and newcomers of Sky: Children of the Light, which has generated more than 160 million downloads, a magical and heartwarming trailer for an animation project currently in development. The trailer showcases the familiar landscape, flora, and fauna of Sky along with concept art and storyboard animation revealing new characters.
  • Additionally, thatgamecompany announced an abundance of new global community projects aimed at bringing players together; including studio-supported local community gatherings and the Sky-based crafting corner. A developer update was also provided for the upcoming in-game event, Days of Bloom, and the previously announced Season of Performance.
  • Here is a list of everything that was revealed:
    • Sky Animation Project Reveal - A quick first look at an animation project based on the world and lore of Sky: Children of the Light - featuring familiar dreamlike realms, star-filled sky, and a glimpse at unfamiliar characters and scenarios via a one-minute video clip. The end of the video promises more to come.
    • Sky: Children of the Light game updates:
      • Days of Bloom - Just in time for spring, Sky is bringing back its tranquil event celebrating all things floral and will be sharing the excitement with the community through a behind-the-scenes video at the start of the seasonal event.
      • Season of Performance Announcement - This upcoming season, which launches on April 11, centers around collaborative and shared performances, will introduce the Village of Dreams’ community theater which will host new ways for Sky players to connect and share their artistic passions via the upcoming game feature - Shared Memories.
    • Sky global community projects:
      • Sky Assemblies - For the first time, Sky fans around the world will get a chance to host their own community events to connect and celebrate together via in-person gatherings. Inspired by the game’s Season of Assembly, which told a warm tale of friends coming together for fun and fellowship, Sky Assemblies are produced and coordinated by Sky’s community team and are meant to bring players together safely to celebrate Sky as a shared interest through themed activities such as arts and crafts, trivia, in-game challenges, and more. The studio hopes that this is yet another way to connect people around the world to build lasting, life-enriching connections.
      • Sky Crafting Corner - A new Sky community initiative giving a different opportunity to players and fans around the world to celebrate through the art of crafts based on Sky’s seasonal events.
    • Sky: Children of the Light The Journey So Far - Wanting to thank the fans of Sky, the studio put together a colorful and emotional look back at all that has happened since Sky: Children of the Light launched on mobile devices in July of 2019. The video showcases some of the best moments created by the studio and Sky communities alike while providing a quick look at what is ahead as Sky continues to soar.
    • Introduction of Japan’s official Sky celebrity influencer - Yuki Kaji, Japanese actor, voice actor, and singer known for his work on Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, and much more, was introduced as Sky’s official celebrity ambassador and influencer partner in Japan.

Source: Official Press Release