The 5 Best Anime EDs of Spring 2021

Opening themes get all the attention in binge-worthy series, as we anxiously skip to the next episode. However, sometimes the ending theme overshadows the opening, gives a new perspective to what we just watched, or contains secret spoilers. Here at Honey’s Anime we know that ending themes deserve their time in the spotlight too, so we picked the 5 best EDs of Spring 2021 anime! Let’s get started!

5. "Avi" by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] from 86

86 tells the grueling story of a nation that depends on the nameless sacrifices of a secret unit, 86, composed of people who have no human rights. The ending theme is a heartfelt song composed by none other than Hiroyuki Sawano, who was behind the soundtrack of Attack on Titan among many others, and performed by vocalist Mizuki. This ballad can make even the toughest otaku emotional and deserves a spot on our list as a beautiful anti-war anthem.

4. "Beautiful Reasoning" by Ayumu Murase, Taito Ban, Toshiki Masuda, Shougo Yano, and Gen Satou from Bishounen Tanteidan (Pretty Boy Detective Club)

Moving on to this cheerful bop which screams party time, performed by the voice actors of Bishounen Tanteidan’s main cast. Beautiful Reasoning is all about beautifully solving mysteries, according to the principles of Manabu and his team of bishounen. Even when dealing with serious cases, there is an air of lightness and lack of seriousness in the over-the-top proclamations of the boys. This ending theme fits perfectly the premise of the show and gets us on our feet at the end of each episode.

3. "Until I Wake From Dreaming" by Miliyah Kato and Yoshida Brothers from Mashiro no Oto (Those Snow White Notes)

An anime about music shouldn't have a bad soundtrack. Until I Wake From Dreaming perfectly encapsulates the blend of tradition and modernity of Mashiro no Oto (Those Snow White Notes). We didn’t know that shamisen can add such a dynamic, addictive beat to contemporary music and we need more of that in our lives!

2. "ON MY OWN" by HYDE from Mars Red

Time for Mars Red to flex! J-rock superstar HYDE sings the ending theme of this artsy vampire anime and we can’t get enough of it. The song gives a glimpse into the vampire’s dilemma: “And when the night falls upon, I just can't ignore the urge, Don't wanna hurt you, my love, But my heart can feel this urge” and into Deffrot’s lonely life, who so far, is one of the most mysterious characters of Mars Red.

1. "Nai Nai" by ReoNa from Shadows House

Nai Nai is the unskippable ending theme of the season. More memorable than the opening of Shadows House by far, it starts off with hushed vocals with a Billie Eilish flair and continues to blend pop and baroque beats. Visually it’s also super cool, with the visuals corresponding to the sound of breaking glass, and the beautiful mirrored stair sequence reminding us of the Alice in Wonderland sequel, Through the Looking Glass. Check out ReoNa’s video clip, too, for the full version and an interesting live-action interpretation of the song.

Final Thoughts

So, these are our favorite ending themes of the Spring 2021 anime season! From shamisen pop songs to angsty vampire rock, and from emotional ballads to party bops, there’s something for everyone. Which ending theme is your favorite this spring? Did it make it to our list? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading.

86-Wallpaper-3 The 5 Best Anime EDs of Spring 2021


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