[Fujoshi Friday] The 5 Best BL Scenes in Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (Run with the Wind)

Usually, sports anime features a greatly varied cast with one thing in common; their love of the sport. With Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, they don’t even have that in common! A bunch of college guys hoping to take advantage of cheap rent get wrapped up in a binding agreement to be a track and field team for their university. Spear-headed by the ambitious yet kind-hearted Heiji, this team of mostly newbies is forced to learn not only how to run but why. In such close quarters, there could even be the beginning of love! At the very least, enjoy these 5 BL scenes that give us cause to wonder!

5. Episode 8: Joji and Jota Moaning with Pleasure

Nico-chan senpai is sitting in his room working on another strange little sculpture when strange moaning from the twins makes him lose concentration. He snaps at them to cut out the weird noises and Joji and Jota are revealed to be helping each other stretch. Nico-chan then gets distracted by another trespasser in his room, Prince, who’s trying to buy a treadmill on his computer. Even stranger moaning makes Nico-chan yell at the twins again who ask him why he’s in such a bad mood.

Joji and Jota being twins will either be a plus or minus for you, but it’s clear this scene was made to inspire thoughts of twincest. It starts out mild with off-camera moaning while zoomed onto Nico-chan working on his sculptures. As their voices get louder the focus switches to Jota and Joji in a classic ‘haha, you THOUGHT’ moment. It’s just stretching! But then they pick back up and it gets heated as Jota and Joji say things to each other like ‘yes, right there!’ ‘that feels good!’ with flushed cheeks. This earns them another scolding from Nico-chin but the two seem entirely unaware of the erotic image they gave everyone!

4. Episode 6: King and Shindo with Matching Shirts

Musa and Shindo make shirts for the whole team in hopes of encouraging the more reluctant members and gaining fans for their new fan club. In this scene, King finally joins the group for morning practice donning his new shirt. King starts to get flustered but Shindo quickly runs back to his room to throw on his own shirt which he shows off with a cute flourish. Encouraged by Shindo and everyone else, King decides to become a true member of the Kansei University Track and Field Team.

The whole episode, King has fought with everyone and insisted he won’t be running as Shindo tries to share his enthusiasm for running to no avail. Shindo’s quiet, gentle nature eventually breaks down the tsundere King. Shindo himself is shocked that King comes to practice and runs back to change into his matching track team shirt and he is just beaming at King. It’s almost like they’re wearing couples’ shirts!!

3. Episode 9: Haiji Chasing Nico-chan Through a Field of Flowers

Nico-chan is inspired by Kakeru’s intensity and speed and wants to slim down to be faster. He goes about it in an unhealthy way and just starts skipping meals, which Haiji notices. Having prepared a bento for the stubborn Nico-chan, Haiji chases him through campus. Nico-chan only stops when Haiji confronts him about missing meals and assures him he doesn’t need to starve to make his times.

Seeing two men chasing each other through a field of white flowers is a pretty sight indeed, even when only one of them is happy about it! Haiji sounds and looks like a little housewife, sweetly calling out to Nico-chan while wearing an apron. In a more serious turn, Haiji tells Nico-chan that he knows how much nutrition he needs because Haiji’s always been thinking about that as he cooks for everyone. Realizing how much effort and attention Haiji spends on him, Nico-chan accepts the bento despite being horrified that Haiji made it look like Nico-chan.

2. Episode 23: Prince and Haiji Share a Tender Moment

In the final episode, we get to see the outcome of the two fastest runners on the team. Before Haiji gets ready to run the final stretch of the Hakone Ekiden, Prince tells him that he had fun running his part. Haiji ruffles his hair and Prince continues, starting to say ‘As long as you come back safely…’ before changing his mind and saying ‘Run as much as you like.’ This prompts the biggest smile from Haiji we’ve seen in a while and he happily agrees.

Even though Prince is so often in his own world, the way he chooses to encourage Haiji shows how intimately he knows him. Prince wants to lift any guilt Haiji might have about forcing him to run by telling him he had fun. Haiji ruffles Prince’s hair but leaves his hand there as if savoring the touch of another person. Prince starts to ask Haiji to return safely showing he’s worried about Haiji’s injury. In an unspoken moment, Prince realizes all the hard work Haiji’s put into the last 4 years and doesn’t want to downplay Haiji’s determination. Instead, he tells Haiji to run as much as he likes, something Haiji hasn’t heard in years due to his serious injury. Haiji’s smile in response is heartwarming!

1. Episode 19: Musa and Shindo’s Loving Phone Call

Shindo keeps his cold a secret from everyone but Yuki so as not to distract the others from their race but finds himself wanting to spur Musa on. He calls Musa and asks if he would like to go see the snow in his hometown after everything is over. Musa smiles and tells Shindo he’ll be thinking of them having a snowball fight as he runs. Shindo sounds relieved and when they hang up, Musa smiles and puts the phone to his forehead with eyes closed.

Shindo’s somewhat effeminate and sweet nature makes him easy to pair with other people, but he and Musa make a dream team. They’re the ones always cheering others on and the ones who came up with the t-shirt idea. In his trying time, Musa is the one Shindo reaches out to. Seeing the gentle smile on Musa’s face and the way he holds the phone to his head after they hang up shows just how much they care for each other!

Final Thoughts

This may not be the most fujoshi-minded sports anime, but there are so many redeeming qualities that make you want to keep watching. These sweet/funny moments where we can see hints of where a relationship might occur or just getting teased with erotic sounds are enough. For anime showing shirtless, sweaty athletes so often, there’s a lot of meaningful content!

Kaze-ga-Tsuyoku-Fuiteiru-manga [Fujoshi Friday] The 5 Best BL Scenes in Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (Run with the Wind)


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