The Crytivo Store - a game store of the future is now LIVE!

What You Need to Know:

  • Those looking for a new outlet to purchase some awesome titles from may be excited about this one! The Crytivo Store delivers high-quality games and experiences that are Fun and Fair to fans — and Free of troublesome Nagware, Microtransactions (MTX), and/or “Pay to Win” and launch DLC.
  • Crytivo Games announced their expansion from successful indie game developer to indie publisher by unveiling the Crytivo Store, which includes a library of new games including The Universim (Crytivo), CeFore (Pixelz Games), Goblins of Elderstone (Lost Goblin), and Football Story (coming soon from Fructus Temporum).
  • The Crytivo Store, now available in beta, is more than just another online store, largely because Crytivo will only partner with developers and sell and promote games that meet their fans-first criteria. The Crytivo Store represents Crytivo’s commitment to champion fans-first game development.
  • This ensures that games offered on the store are free of annoying pitfalls such as strict always-online DRM requirements, microtransactions, or selling loot boxes for a purchased full-price game. So if you're looking for a secure approach to purchasing fresh new titles, then give Crytivo a shot and let us know what you think! Remember everything is still in the early stages so always leave feedback for the team! The website is here.

Source: Official Press Release

honeys anime character
Well this sounds intriguing. I may check it out and see what titles are up for sale!

honeys anime character
It's always nice to have more options!

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