Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji (The Demon Prince of Momochi House) Vol. 11 Manga Review

An Imposter Nue is Unnecessary!
  • Mangaka : Shouoto, Aya
  • Publisher : VIZ
  • Genre : Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Harem, Supernatural
  • Published : March 2018

Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji (The Demon Prince of Momochi House) Vol. 11 Introduction

Even though Himari has a lot to be happy about as far as Aoi is concerned, she’s plagued by disturbing dreams. Shortly after, lesser yokai from the back of Momochi House appear that are stained black. They warn of a spreading darkness that bears a resemblance to Himari’s nightmares. It seems Aoi's new shikigami Hakka is not the only unsettling addition to Momochi House.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Himari has a startling dream about a dark figure muttering something ominous but when she awakes, Aoi is right next to her, which does nothing to help calm her down! Aoi becomes distracted with Hakka when Yukari and Himari are approached by some very worried lesser yokai. They announce that the back of Momochi House is stained black. Ise decides to investigate on his own instead of waiting for Aoi. Because Aoi has gained a few shikigami in a short amount of time, it's likely Ise just wants to establish himself as a strong and dependable shikigami to Aoi. When the others go searching for him later, however, his still and bloodied body drops from the ceiling in front of them.

While Ise recovers, Himari convinces Aoi to let her tag along on another expedition to find the cause of the encroaching darkness. Bringing along Hakka and Yukari, they go to the spot Ise’s body was found and suddenly numerous hands spring out at them from all directions. The horrified looks on both Aoi and Himari’s face right after what seemed like an uneventful scene are shocking. As a smoky, inky blackness spreads out over the hallway, the ayakashi behind it becomes visible. It appears to be some dark version of the Nue claiming Aoi is an imposter and in his presence, Aoi is unable to transform into the Nue.

Hakka creates two endless corridors to trap the dark Nue in but it won’t hold him back forever. Outside of its dark realm, Aoi can transform into the Nue and he vows to destroy the dark Nue. She wakes up in her bed and Aoi promises not to do anything so he’ll be allowed to stay but Himari still goes to open the door to make some space between them. They’re surprised by numerous beautiful lanterns floating down the hallway and the two share a romantic moment.

Sometime later, Aoi pours over books while Yukari tries to get him to calm down. Yukari warns Aoi he’s losing himself and, suddenly, Aoi’s eyes very much resemble the Nue’s and he smiles while saying that he’s already half ayakashi. Himari starts from another nightmare and finds a lesser yokai stained black begging her to find Aoi. She rushes to the back of the house in time to see Aoi getting mangled to death by the dark Nue. Yukari holds her back as she screams for Aoi but she’s forced to retreat with Hakka. Hakka tries again to convince her to marry him so he can become the new Nue before the real Aoi appears, revealing it was only an illusion to force the real enemy out of hiding.

A shikigami of the former Nue stands beside the dark Nue, nursing his grudge and urging him to kill. Hakka uses his power to connect to bring the dark Momochi House and the real Momochi House together which allows Aoi to transform. Aoi tells the masked spirit to let the dark Nue rest, saying that it is merely a puppet of the masked spirit’s will. The shikigami of the dark Nue tells everyone of how after his master was devoured by Momochi House, he desperately sought a way to revive him. He one day came upon an incense that can call back the dead and even cut off pieces of his own body to use as sacrifices. But instead of the proper old Nue, a twisted version filled with wrath and murderous rage took form.

Himari manages to break the incense jar and the lesser yokai that led her there takes over the dark Nue puppet. It is the true soul of the masked spirit’s Nue. It calls the shikigami Kagura and Kagura asks if he’s really Amane, but Amane only answers that he may just be Kagura’s lingering attachment.

Why You Should Read Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji (The Demon Prince of Momochi House) Vol. 11

1. It’s Made Clear What a Curse It is to Be the Nue

Gone are the days when we thought the worst thing was being trapped inside Momochi House. We knew there would be a toll as well, but hearing the Nue of Amane only lasted one year before he was devoured reveals the danger Aoi is in. We see what this pain can cause in others and how lonely it can be.

Why You Should Skip Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji (The Demon Prince of Momochi House) Vol. 11

1. It’s One Dark Continuous Story Instead of Multiple Fanciful Stories

If you prefer the volumes where you get to see many different places and meet interesting characters with stories summed up each chapter, you may find this volume lacking. It’s all about the mysterious dark Nue and the connection between Himari’s dreams and a look at an old Nue and shikigami’s relationship. All very interesting, but very little about Himari and Aoi’s relationship, Himari’s school life, or other realms in the spirit world.

Final Thoughts

We’re definitely getting more horror vibes with this volume! There are a lot of sudden scares and one of the more notable ones was the hands scene that spans two whole pages. Really makes you feel like there’s no escape! Himari’s detailed horrified faces also help with the unsettling atmosphere. We’re kinda hoping there’s a little more romance next time!

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