The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2 First Impression - The Hard Working Devil Returns!

It has been 9 years since a very silly comedy anime was released to the world in the form of The Devil is a Part-Timer, and many of us fans didn’t think we’d ever get a second season. Despite how popular season 1 was, The Devil is a Part-Timer seemed to always be passed by for other series, and fans—including us here at Honey’s Anime—figured this would always just be a singular season affair. Guess what fellow otaku out there… The Devil is a Part-Timer has finally begun airing season 2 and it only took almost a decade! Animated by Studio 3Hz—not the original White Fox studio—The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2 is now several episodes in but we have to ask the question. Was the long wait worth it? We find out in our first impression of The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2!

The Devil Maou is Back!

When a series goes silent for as long as The Devil is a Part-Timer does, it can be sometimes worrying. You have all these beloved characters and typically you have to wonder if they can come back and feel like it wasn’t almost a decade long since fans saw them. Thankfully, Maou, Emi, Shirou, and the rest of the crew are back, and seriously, it feels like they never left us!

The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2 doesn’t go into deep recaps or attempt to remind you of where allegiances lie. Instead, Maou is back in his dingy apartment with Shirou and Hanzou once again, yelling about their finances and duties. Emi still seems to have a weird love/hate for Maou and our Maou is still a hard-working MgRonald employee. Yes, folks, The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2 feels like a true continuation of the series and we love that. It might be tough for newcomers to just jump right in—which would be weird if they did without prior knowledge of the first season—but for fans, this is the perfect way to return to The Devil is a Part-Timer world.

Visually, Definitely Different

There is no denying there is a big difference between seasons 1 and 2 of The Devil is a Part-Timer. Without a doubt, the shift in animation studios is the main cause of the big difference but beyond the obvious, it is a bit jarring to see the characters we love so much look so radically different. Maou looks like he de-aged several years, Emi looks ironically older now—and more flat-chested—and Chiho…well she looks cuter which isn’t a bad thing. The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2 looks great but the designs and visuals will take some getting used to.

Did The Long Wait Kill the Momentum

Here’s the biggest issue with The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2. The long time between seasons might have been a turn-off for fans despite the attempt at retaining the original comedy and storyline, continuing as if there wasn’t any delay. We found ourselves having to re-watch season 1—which we highly recommend to fans—just to remember some smaller details of past issues and some of the more intricate dialogue moments between characters in season 2. The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2 might end up mediocre only because it won’t resonate as strongly as the first season did ages ago.

Move Aside Anya, Here Comes Alas Ramus

In our minds, no one could dethrone the cutest anime kid Anya from Spy x Family but we might have been wrong. Introduced near the end of episode 1 of season 2, Alas Ramus appeared and wow…she’s so cute! Alas Ramus claims to be the child of Maou and Emi, which makes Chiho freak out, and we have to wonder who Alas really is. We won’t spoil what is quickly learned about Alas and who wants her back—this is revealed by episode 3—we still love Alas and want even more of her in season 2!

Final Thoughts

The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2 certainly isn’t going to be worth the nearly decade wait it took but we don’t see any major flaws that will keep this show from being just as solid as season 1. Visuals might be quite different and the fact that little is recapped might make it hard for fans to jump right back into this goofy world but none of these are major complaints. We are loving The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2 so far and we think fans will rejoice that Maou is back at the grill!

The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2 has been getting the right orders for us but are you, folks, loving it as well? Comment below to let us know! Keep stuck to our fast food-loving hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more seasonal recommendations and first impressions!
By. Aaron Curbelo

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