The Funniest Anime Villains - Side-Splitting Evil!

Anime features some of the most intricately developed, empathetic, and downright evil villains to ever sully a TV screen. However, on the other side of the spectrum, it also boasts a cavalcade of villains who can barely make it through the day without tripping over their shoelaces! Here, we'll be taking a look at not only the villains we love to watch epically fail but those villains with great wit about them as well! Let's get started!

5. Speed O' Sound Sonic from One Punch Man

Sonic is introduced as a moderate threat during his initial debut in One Punch Man—a man of such blinding speed that it is near impossible to touch him. Even Genos struggles to land a hit during their brief encounter. However, as we all know, the show is called "One Punch Man" for a reason and it isn't too long before Saitama shows up to save the day.

With a scene that has gone down in infamy over the years, Sonic's speed seems to finally catch up with him as he accidentally lands *ahem* crotch first onto Saitama's impending fist. After his crushing defeat, and in true Chuunibyou fashion, Sonic names Saitama his rival and promises that he will defeat him during their next encounter. Watching Sonic's incredibly serious monologues juxtaposed with Saitama's comical energy is what makes Sonic so funny to watch!

4. Combat Agent Six from Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! (Combatants Will Be Dispatched!)

Combat Agent Six (or "Six" for short), is a chief officer of the villainous Kisaragi Corporation. Tasked with infiltrating the Kingdom of Grave, Six must do his best to fight back against the Demon Lord, while simultaneously completing undercover missions for the Kisaragi Corporation. Six was designed to be a criminal. His body has been reconstructed to be able to push the human frame to its very limits. However, things aren't exactly what they appear to be with Six in particular.

Six doesn't act like a typical subordinate at all! He's obnoxious, inquisitive, and (despite being assigned to work with one) absolutely hates children! Furthermore, in order to obtain his "Evil Points," Six must complete lewd acts with those around him to power himself up. Things don't stop there, however. Six is also shown to be the lowest of the low as, during times of trouble, he will take out distracted enemies and kidnap hostages! Watching Six stumble through life as a pseudo-villain is hilarious to see play out. He often gets into arguments with those around him where he will throw some funny insults their way. Also, to acquire his Evil Points, you can rely on some "accidental" misunderstandings when it comes to lewd situations.

3. Gentle Criminal from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

Sentouin-Hakenshimasu-Wallpaper-700x393 The Funniest Anime Villains - Side-Splitting Evil!

Gentle Criminal and La Brava are a villainous duo operating in the My Hero Academia Universe. Their goal is simple. All they want is to be recognized by the public. Gentle Criminal originally wanted to become a pro hero but unfortunately was not able to make his dream come true. Similarly, La Brava was a social outcast and had no one to turn to in her time of need. The two seem to have found kindred spirits in one another.

To gain recognition, the pair commit petty crimes and post the videos of their exploits onto social media (which are then received incredibly poorly). Nevertheless, the two are determined to rise to the top by any means necessary. Even if this means invading into the U.A school of heroes! Gentle Criminal and La Brave are both so impassioned and it is this over-the-top energy that makes them so hilarious to watch. Not only this but, as a couple, it's also entertaining to see how their love affects their decision-making, especially in combat.

2. Buggy from One Piece

Buggy has had one of the strangest journeys that we've seen from an anime villain. Starting out his journey as nothing more than a comic relief villain—as a literal clown—he has since developed into a well-respected Shichibukai! Despite this growth being purely superficial, Buggy has amassed an army of loyal followers and looks to be making a name for himself in the pirate world! Who would have thought it?!

Possessing the ability of the "Bara Bara no mi", Buggy can detach his body parts at will and control them (sometimes…). His limbs seem to have a mind of their own on occasion and often disobey his orders making for some great slapstick. What makes Buggy so funny is his bravado when things are going well juxtaposed with his cowardice when things go South. He's not one to shy away from a screaming match and things can get pretty hilarious when his voice reaches levels only dogs can hear. However, it's just as amusing to see his face drop when he realizes his backup has left him unawares and he'll need to find a way out of trouble. Buggy is a clown and, as you might expect from someone so proud of their comedy aesthetic, he can provide the haw-haws and then some!

1. Team Rocket from Pokémon

Everyone's favorite Pikachu-stealing trio had to be placed on the number one spot! Jessie and James have gone through such hardships over the years, it's hard to believe their first encounter went like this:

Jessie: "Listen up, James. I hope you're good because I'm not going to carry you."
James: "No one's carried me since my momma."

They then proceeded to fail every single mission they ever went on for the next 20 years.
What makes Jessie and James so hilarious is not so much the slapstick comedy of James being eaten by Victreebel, or Jessie shouting at Wobuffet but more the chemistry between the three. They bounce off each other so well and Jessie's confident bravado meshes well with James' cowardice.

While we're mainly focusing on Jessie and James here, the entirety of Team Rocket could also fill this spot as they all have funny moments scattered throughout the series. Butch and Cassidy make for great foils and Giovanni's supervillain routine alongside Persian is equally as entertaining as Jessie and James' antics. Regardless, one thing's for sure; as long as Pikachu lives and breathes, we'll be gifted with some more Team Rocket shenanigans!

Meowth, that's right!

Final Thoughts

So, these were our picks for some of the funniest anime villains out there. Whether you enjoy watching someone fall flat on their face or are in the mood to wrack your brain with a thought-provoking joke, these villains should be able to satisfy your quota for dark humor! Are we forgetting any comedy criminals that should have made it onto the list? Be sure to let us know down below!

Sentouin-Hakenshimasu-Wallpaper-700x393 The Funniest Anime Villains - Side-Splitting Evil!


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