The Hottest Monster Girls of Monster Musume no Oishasan (Monster Girl Doctor)!

Most of us hate going to a doctor’s office as it’s usually a pretty bad experience. You get told you’re sick or need to take medicine all while waiting hours in a boring room with others who look just as miserable as you feel. However, if there were some beautiful monster girls waiting for you at the doctor’s office, would you still lament having to go in for a checkup? Heck no, you’d be running to the doctor anytime you could, whether you were legit sick or just cut you finger with a piece of paper!

There are several gorgeous monster girls to enjoy in the newly adapted Monster Girl Doctor and we have found the best ones to talk about and why they make us wish all doctor offices had monster girls in them!

4. Kunai Zenow

Kunai Zenow might resemble Frankenstein but she is pretty beautiful outside the random stitches and odd mismatched limbs. Kunai has a lot going for her despite her odd nature thanks in large part to her fighting prowess, beautiful face, and eyecatching pair of oppai. Loyal to those she considers her master, Kunai is a Flesh Golem with a penance for beating any opponent down and not feeling any pain from attacks she might suffer in return! Yes, Kunai might cause a fright if you meet her in a dark alley but once you get to know this lovely Flesh Golem, you’ll soon realize she is a truly attractive and lovable monster girl.

3. Arahnia Taranterra Arachnida

Let’s face it, spiders are pretty terrifying in the real world. They crawl around unnoticed just waiting to bite us or take down a passing insect in their web traps. Yet, in the case of Arahnia Taraterra Arachnida, we wouldn’t mind any of the previous statements as she is a truly hot monster girl. Whether you fall in love with Arahnia’s playful personality—that tends to be very sexually-oriented—or with her rather nice oppai, you’ll find this spider girl is a reason you might want to visit Glenn Litbeit’s office. Just be ready to fight for her affection as she has Glenn trapped in her webs of love…or at least is trying to trap him.

2. Tisalia Scythia

Are you looking for a loyal monster girl who will never leave you when you are in a battle or will always be willing to take an arrow for you to show her love and proud spirit? Then you need a centaur girl like Tisalia Scythia. Tisalia is a warrior centaur Glenn meets as she is stuck in a lengthy losing streak in a battle arena. Glenn gives the proud centaur horseshoes—she is part horse after all—which boosts her combat ability and allows her to finally win in the arena. Upon her victory, Tisalia falls for Glenn—like most of the monster girls in this series—and continues to show up to his office to try to win his heart. If you can somehow prove yourself worthy of her hand, Tisalia might just push Glenn aside and fall in love with you!

1. Saphentite “Sapphee” Neikes

Monster Girl Doctor’s other main character is easily our personal favorite monster girl of the series so far. Saphentite Neikes—or better known as Sapphee—is Glenn’s personal assistant in his doctor duties. Sapphee is a lamia which gives her lower half the appearance of a large snake, but that doesn’t distract us from the elements we love about her.

Sapphee is a truly caring woman who still loves Glenn—despite the latter being quite unaware of her feelings—and wishes to help him with all of his duties even if it means her roster of love rivals increase in the process. Sapphee is a gorgeous lamia girl thanks to her beautiful red eyes and long purple hair. Plus, like most of the monster girls in Monster Girl Doctor, Sapphee is quite well endowed in the chest region. Besides her looks, though, Sapphee is a loyal monster girl that would be hard to pass up on for those seeking a truly long-lasting monster girl relationship!

Final Thoughts

Monster Musume no Oishasan might not be the best anime series of 2020 but let’s face it, the girls this series has are quite impressive. Regardless of what type of monster girl you fancy, Monster Girl Doctor has one for you and we could spend quite a bit if we talked about them all.

Who is your favorite monster girl of Monster Girl Doctor and why has she taken your heart? Let us know in the comments below so we could gush alongside you about her! For even more anime girl articles be sure to keep stuck to our oppai loving hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Monster-Musume-no-Oishasan-wallpaper-2-1-700x396 The Hottest Monster Girls of Monster Musume no Oishasan (Monster Girl Doctor)!


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