The Most Hype Anime Moments of Summer 2020

The Summer 2020 anime season is now behind us, but that doesn’t mean for a second that we’ve forgotten about it! One of this season’s biggest defining features was its abundance of hype-tastic moments, ranging from jaw-dropping plot twists in drama shows to climactic power-ups in shounen battle series. Join us on this wild ride of the most hype anime moments of Summer 2020!

Big Spoilers Ahead!

5. Kureno’s Revelations from Fruits Basket 2nd Season – Episode 25

The last episode of Fruits Basket’s second season drops two huge bombs that turn the story on its head, and both of them come from the mysterious Kureno Souma – Kureno’s curse is already broken, and the abusive family head Akito is actually a woman. Instead of leaving Akito, he stayed by her side because she looked to him like a sad, scared little girl who couldn’t live without the forced love that came with the Zodiac curse. But what does that mean for Yuki, Kyo, Rin, and everyone else who has been trying to break free from Akito? Even if the Zodiac spirits leave, will they still be guilted into complacency like Kureno? And why was Akito raised as a man in the first place? We’ll just have to wait for next season to find out...

4. The Cyborgs Appear from Deca-Dence – Episode 2

The first episode of Deca-Dence set up a gorgeous (if somewhat cliché) cyberpunk world where the last vestiges of humanity live in a mobile fortress and fight back against waves of monsters that never seem to end. But at the end of the first episode, we see strange chibi robot creatures watching over the humans... and in the second episode, we find out what’s really going on. Deca-Dence is a sort of virtual theme park for cyborgs, who live in their own oppressive society where they’re under constant surveillance and their main source of entertainment is fighting monsters alongside the humans. There’s a lot more to it than just that first hype moment, but we’ll let you find out the rest on your own!

3. The Attack on Holy Sol Temple from Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou (Fire Force Season 2) – Episode 12

The Holy Sol Temple is the foremost religious institution in Tokyo, but it’s also ridiculously corrupt on the inside. So, when Benimaru and Joker decide to put aside their differences to team up and storm the place, they don’t pull any punches. Benimaru sends dozens of priests flying with a single fiery attack, leaving their bodies to rain down to the ground against the backdrop of a pure red sky. And that’s just the beginning! Benimaru and Joker are so powerful on their own that, when they work together, no opposing force could ever stand a chance.

2. Jin Mori’s Transformation from The God of High School – Episode 13

Many of the fighters in The God of High School make use of “charyeok” – magical powers borrowed from historical or mythological figures that can turn the tide of battle in an instant. Oddly, though, main character Jin Mori doesn’t manifest any kind of charyeok of his own for most of the series. Then, in the climactic battle against Jegal (who’s been using his Megalodon charyeok to terrorize everyone around him, including Mori’s friends), Mori awakens his true identity as the Monkey King! Sporting a shining crown and fancy new powers, Mori uses his god-like form to stomp Jegal into the curb... right where the jerk belongs.

1. The Final Showdown from Appare-Ranman! – Episodes 12 and 13

The only problem with Mori’s transformation from The God of High School is that the show’s pacing was too fast to properly build up to such a monumental moment. But Appare-Ranman, which has the same amount of episodes, managed to pull off a fantastic finale full of well-earned emotional payoffs and plenty of high octane action. The nine racers (plus Mr. Carter, a race sponsor who got in way over his head) split into groups of two and strategically take down Gil T. Cigar’s minions until they can reach the man himself. It’s the perfect blend of Western-style action and over-the-top anime goodness, ending this series with the bang that it truly deserved.

Final Thoughts

We also loved when Kirito woke up from his coma to save everyone in the new season of Sword Art Online: Alicization and the revelations related to Roswaal from Re: Zero’s second season. But what are your favorite hype moments from the Summer 2020 anime season? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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