The Most Shocking Anime Moments of the Season (Spring 2021)

Now that it is ending, it is finally time to speak about what has been happening this Spring 2021 Anime Season. The most shocking scenes or plot twists that were given to anime viewers, that manga (and light novel) fans anxiously anticipated as well. No matter how expected the unexpected is, these scenes still managed to leave us gasping (or crying) at the sudden reveals. Let’s have a look!

Beware, spoilers ahead!

Iruma-kun Turns Into Evil Iruma-sama

The precious, kind-hearted protagonist Iruma from Mairimashita! Iruma-kun (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun) gives us a pleasant shock on this list. The second ongoing season covers Iruma’s Evil Cycle Arc, which manga fans waited most anticipative for. Just as you would expect from the title alone, cannot-decline-a-favor Iruma wakes up one day as the evil Iruma-sama, a trick played by his Ring of Gluttony. It reveals the side of Iruma that resembles the behavior of his fellow devil classmates and everyone in the Netherworld (yes, the positive type of evil, of course).

The change was well-received not only by the anime fans but the characters of the series who follow wicked Iruma-sama’s leadership to regain the rights belonging to the Abnormal Class: studying in the Royal One, a classroom previously used by the current veneered Demon King. The arc is not simply giving us a taste of Iruma as a devil but allows us to see a glimpse of the alleged future Asmodeus Alice and many others hope for: a Netherworld ruled by Iruma. We cannot lie and say we did not enjoy this Iruma ourselves and are hopeful for a second incoming Wicked Phase.

The Truth Behind a House of Shadows

Shadows House was a fresh and brilliant new addition to the Spring 2021 anime season, blending intriguing genres and a unique setting that had us guessing episode after episode as they aired. Except for manga readers, as usual, no one understood the greatest posing mystery: the truth behind the Shadow House, the masters, and their particular customs. It was not until Episode 10 that we were finally led to verity, tying up some of the loose theories that had been flying around until then.

The living dolls as we know them are indeed human children brainwashed to become loyal servants of the Shadows House. Shadow masters are parasitic fairies that mimic and imitate human children to be reborn as unique entities. They are allowed to interact together to develop their personalities, awaiting a merge in the future that permits Shadow entities to overtake the human body (and we suspect) the mind as well. Although this is all shocking on its own, there are still far too many mysteries to keep unveiling soon. That is, hoping a second season's announcement is promptly released.

Fushi’s Self-Proclaimed Mamma Dies

March from Fumestu no Anata e (To Your Eternity) quickly became a fan-favorite after a few seconds on screen. The adorable, bright young girl captured our hearts with her thoughtful words and actions, along with her sole dream of becoming an adult to become a mamma. After escaping with the help of her sister figure Parona from the clutches of the Yanome group, who wish to sacrifice her to a Spirit Bear following a fake annual tradition, she meets our immortal protagonist.

Ensuing naming Fushi and proclaiming herself his mamma, March begins to teach him about living as a human being. Although it is subtle, Fushi relies on and follows March. She is later captured and nearly killed by a bear hurt by arrows believed to be the Spirit Bear or Oniguma-sama until Fushi defeats it. The Yanome group believes Fushi is the sacred deity they revere after seeing the fight and take him, March, Parona, and the real god back to their capital. Following several death flags, March finally dies after sacrificing herself to save Parona while running away from the capital. The touching scene finishes with March dreaming of becoming the adult she had always wanted to be. Many fans were shocked to understand the spoiler given by the anime’s OP. Our hearts still ache whenever Fushi transforms into the adorable, petite figure of March.

Final Thoughts

A “to be continued” list, as these stories are yet to be over. Fortunately for us, some will stick around for the upcoming Summer 2021 Anime Season, while others would require you to go through the source material. In any way, we are all thankful the stories will continue. What new twists will they bring?

Did you feel as shocked as we did with these scenes? What did you think of the twists? As usual, let us know in the comments down below!

by Mina Sandoval