The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 - PlayStation 4 Review

Can you help Amalie and Milm, Hundred Knight?

Game Info:

  • System: PlayStation 4
  • Publisher: NIS America, Inc
  • Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
  • Release Date: March 27, 2018 (US), March 30, 2018 (EU), April 13, 2018 (ANZ)

Who it Caters to

The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight-2-game-300x376 The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 - PlayStation 4 Review

Who it Caters to
Fans of NIS America, come one and all to the newest addition to the NIS library, The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2. As a sequel to The Witch and the Hundred Knight, if you played the original, you might be interested in this latest installment to the series. Once more, you will play as The Hundred Knight and go on an adventure, but this time with Malim and Amalie. If you are a fan of JRPGs like Hyperdimension Neptunia for the gameplay plus you like a moderate plot without the text dump that is Record of Agarest War Zero, then the newest NIS game, The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2, might just be for you.

What to Expect

The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight-2-game-300x376 The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 - PlayStation 4 Review
There are a lot of things to expect in The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 so please prepare yourself. With new dungeons and monsters, there are many adventures that await you. The Hundred Knight has six Facets that will help you in your battles. Tochkas will help you in your explorations and change your gameplay.

Even though The Hundred Knight is small, don’t give her doubt! Hundred Knight can use Depletura to destroy enemies and refill GigaCalories. Hundred Knight also has a Third Eye, which you can activate in order to use your full power for a moment. New weapons are available which you can create yourself as the Hundred Knight. There’s a few new features to look forward to in this game so come check out our review to find out just how much The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 is worth it!

The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Trailer


The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight-2-game-300x376 The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 - PlayStation 4 Review
A strange disease has swept over the land turning little girls under the age of 10 into witches who are wreaking havoc all over Kevala. Girls who become infected with the Witch Disease develop a third eye on their foreheads, which will open when the witch is awakened. People live fearful of the chaos brought on by these witches.

One orphan, Amalie, works for an organization that opposes these such witches. One day, her little sister Milm disappears and after looking for her, Amalie finds Milm with a third eye. Milm will soon awaken into Chelka. In order to help these two sisters, The Hundred Knight will travel with them and try to save the world from the havoc that come with the witches.

The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight-2-game-300x376 The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 - PlayStation 4 Review
As you start the story, it begins right as Amalie is looking for her little sister, Milm. From there, you quickly learn that Amalie and Milm are orphans and eventually, you learn that the witch Isabel killed your parents. When Milm shows up again, she has a third eye which is a sign that she will awaken as a witch later, which the villagers are very eager to prevent by killing Milm with a silver arrow. As Amalie takes Milm away, the villagers show the audience how dire this situation is by stating how much a blessing it’d be if Amalie and Milm are killed in the forest. That’s pretty dark. As the story progresses, Milm awakens into the witch Chelka, who doesn’t seem to know everything about the world but wishes to cause destruction. While she’s on that course, Amalie fights the decision to either kill Chelka/Milm herself or attempt to save her. As the Hundred Knight, you follow these two sisters through the story.

The story of The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 appears to be rather interesting, but there isn’t much about it that will really excite you. There’s a siscon element to the dynamic between Amalie and Milm, which doesn’t really seem to serve a purpose except to appease those who are interested in siscon. The Hundred Knight seems to be a rather...mindless doll that doesn’t have much of his own backbone and often, making certain choices doesn’t actually make you feel like you’re doing anything since Hundred Knight can be coerced into following Chelka’s orders even when you oppose them so it can be frustrating. The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 manages to tell a story without creating too much unnecessary dialogue and long narrative sequences that would bore you like some games might. Instead, it’s rather fast paced in some moments and slower in other, but it’s not so text heavy that would turn you away immediately. All the same, it’s also not engaging, with characters who are not endearing, so it’s not like we felt pulled in at all.


The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight-2-game-300x376 The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 - PlayStation 4 Review
When you first start the game, you cannot change the language without skipping the story so you have to hang in there until you can access the option menu during the actual gameplay portions of the game. So at first, you get to play The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 dubbed in English, which is cringy to say the least (especially the fake Southern accents for the country folk that Amalie and Milm apparently aren’t part of). While this may not bother everyone, it bothered this reviewer.

Anyway, the gameplay itself is fairly simple. You move Hundred Knight around and are able to equip 5 weapons that will chain in succession as you battle. This can be a great way to attack, or cause annoyance if you say, have a battle hammer in the middle and see yourself slowing down, but overall, it’s a unique way of battling that’s true to the first game. While you are given multiple skills you can assign to buttons to use during battle, it’s really easy to button mash and dodge for the most part. This means you don’t technically have to learn the mechanics of the battle system if that’s not your thing.

The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight-2-game-300x376 The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 - PlayStation 4 Review
Fighting involves using either slash, blunt, and magic. When you perform an attack, you can see which attacks are more effective when the text appears on your screen. You can also assign controls for certain skills making it easy to perform a skill. Then there’s the Third Eye power which you can use to blow back enemies that swarm you and heighten your skills for a short period of time. This is extremely helpful when you are swarmed. You can also power up the Third Eye by landing attacks on your enemies. While we are naming off so many different fighting elements that are in The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2, we do want to remind you that you can completely get away with button mashing during the game without a real care for other stats like your HP or Mana. However, one stat you should keep an eye on is your Gigacalories. These tend to get used up and since the meter doesn’t actually show on your screen (you have to access them in the menu), it’s easy to forget about them or not notice when you are using them up.

Exploration is the main part of the game after the plot, and for the most part, it’s very easy and can be enjoyable. You explore and battle other creatures to gather materials and things you can sell to make money to buy important items like healing items. Unlike the prequel, when Hundred Knight is killed in battle while exploring, you only lose a few items instead of everything in the Stomach stock. This is pretty good because we just do not appreciate losing everything we went through so much trouble to find! Also, you’ll use a good amount of Gigacalories in order to restore your HP so don’t start thinking you can die as much as you’d like!

Then there’s the game map, which feels a lot like many other JRPGs. When you select the map, you can see where your general end goal is supposed to be, so you have to make the effort to somehow get there. It can be vague but it’s a rather simple journey. Along the way, you can save your progress at various points of the game where towers of mana are, which are present in each map. There will be a lot of monsters ready to fight you so be prepared and save your game.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 may be the latest NIS America game, but to be quite honest, we cannot really say that it was that enjoyable. While some people will enjoy the battle mechanics and gameplay, The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 just doesn’t prove itself to be a unique or even special title as the gameplay reminds us of many other JRPGs before it. As we stated in the beginning, this title feels a lot like Hyperdimension Neptunia when it comes to generic gameplay but the plot tends to drag as the script writers attempt to inject a plausible story in the game. While the visuals and music were nice to listen to, nothing about The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 feels at all interesting or worthwhile, and especially not worth the $49.99 price tag.

Also, it is quite clear that the plot lends itself to the lolicon genre as only girls the age of 10 and lower turn into witches. This has led to there being multiple lolicons throughout the game playing various parts and while we understand that there’s a place for that in Japanese culture, it is rather off putting as we see Chelka running around with a line drawn over her chest to only hide her nipples. While not everyone will dislike this aspect, it still gives us an uncomfortable feeling as we continued to play the game with lolis everywhere and a main character (Amalie) who is a siscon.

Honey's Pros:

  • Beautiful visuals
  • Simplistic battle mechanics that borders button mashing, which is good for those who would rather play for the story
  • It is easy to skip the storyline for those who prefer the exploration style
  • Familiar gameplay mechanics for those looking for a casual game without too much investment

Honey's Cons:

  • the storyline
  • Overly complicated battle explanations but rather simplistic battle mechanics that does not rely on real skill to win; It’s easier to button mash
  • Plot is not well written and is full of more boring parts than excitement; the plot will drag a lot and feel overly diluted with unnecessary text in others
  • The game feels overly loli making the gameplay somewhat uncomfortable at times
  • Characters feel rather Two Dimensional despite the attempts at writing decent stories for them
  • Gameplay elements mirror many JRPGs before it

Honey’s Final Verdict (Thoughts)

The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight-2-game-300x376 The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 - PlayStation 4 Review
Overall, while we do enjoy NIS America games, we really didn’t enjoy our time playing The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2. Perhaps this type of JRPG appeals to you, but in our books, there are better games out there with a similar style but better stories and execution. For those of you interested in this latest NIS America title, let us know what your thoughts are on the game. Do you want to join Amalie and Milm on their journey? Do you want to take up the mantle of Hundred Knight? Or would you rather pass?

Once again, thank you all for joining us today for another article and game review. For more of what you love, please keep coming back to Honey’s Anime.

The-Witch-and-the-Hundred-Knight-2-game-300x376 The Witch and The Hundred Knight 2 - PlayStation 4 Review


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