These Death Flags Are Everywhere! - Dark History of the Reincarnated Villainess, Vol. 2 [Manga]

You Need to Calm Down!
  • Mangaka : Touka, Akiharu
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance
  • Published : January 2021- Ongoing

Feeling relief after avoiding the potential death flags, things have gotten a bit better until Yomi returns from his education at the Lily Kingdom. Konoha Satou is doing her best to remember every single detail she has written in the upcoming events to save her sister, Konoha Satou, who has the same name as her actual name. Can Iana Magnolia, the villainess Satou reincarnated as, see Yomi as an ally?

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Good morning, mistress. Today is a lovely day. Everything is back to the way it was, except for the possibilities that a bunch of hot men will kill Iana. What could go wrong? As the original author of the world Satou reincarnated into, she enjoys being with her sister. But the world she created isn’t so kind as Yomi has entered the arena!

Yes, this is confusing as hell when explaining the situation but bear with us or just read the first volume of this series we had reviewed or the manga itself. Who wouldn’t be happy to experience a fictional world you have created? Let’s get into the reviews.

Why You Should Read Dark History of the Reincarnated Villainess

1. Childhood Friends Are Scary

Whenever we humans imagine a story that fits our criteria and preferences, we tend to go a little too extreme. Not too extreme, just a tad bit of extreme where Yomi turns out to be Iana’s childhood friend. BUT! He also has studied offensive magic and Toxicology to kill her sister, which is the exact opposite of Iana’s goal of protecting her.

See where this is going? Good. So while Yomi is present in their castle, Iana has to do everything she can to keep her sister from harm’s way by keeping an eye on him. As for the reason why Yomi does this, he sees Iana as his goddess. The goddess of death looks down upon him and sees him as a mongrel. Just kidding. She treats him kindly (?). But we leave that opinion to you.

2. Those Shots Though

There are romantic moments in the manga where we can’t help but feel we wish were in their shoes as a spectator or reader. With Konoha Satou and Ginoford’s looks and personalities being intimate with each other. Damn… Do you know what’s hot? Handsome men in uniforms who can kill you at any moment’s notice. Who wouldn’t like that in a fictional fantasy? Even the surroundings and effects are drawn to complement the outfits and dresses they wear. They can be intense or soothing depending on the emotions and situations.

Final Thoughts

It is nice to have another chance to review the second manga volume of Dark History of the Reincarnated Villainess. The series introduced a new character, Yomi, who is Iana’s childhood friend and willing to take down Konoha Satou with any means necessary. Of course, Iana isn’t going to let that happen, but will she be able to protect her life from Ginoford and Sol? Even though Iana won’t experience the romantic moments with Sol or Ginoford, she enjoys watching the love and happiness her sister shares with them. This is probably the feeling she possesses because of her perspective as an author and sister. If you have read this series, who is your favourite character?

Tensei-Akujo-no-Kurorekishi-2-manga-318x500 These Death Flags Are Everywhere! - Dark History of the Reincarnated Villainess, Vol. 2 [Manga]


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