[Thirsty Thursday] Top 10 Most Risqué Characters from Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken Characters

The tale of Haruka Shinozaki and Akiho Kousaka is an awkward one. The straight and sincere Haruka confesses to his crush, the beautiful and smart Akiho. He couldn’t be happier that this really cute and quiet girl said she’d go out with him. He finds out quickly that the perfect student Akihio is not that perfect. She has a very perverted personality and often makes innuendos and sight gag jokes. Conversation between Akihio and her friends – much like a bowling ball on an uneven lane – always seems to end up in the gutter. Haruka’s simple and pure romance takes more than one awkward turn as these two young lovers try to go beyond holding hands and the odd and inappropriate collection of friends and parents that just make it that much more challenging. Enjoy our list of the top 10 most risqué characters from Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken.

10.Haruka Shinozaki

Haruka is the straight man of the cast, so by definition he isn’t going to be the perverted one. He is quiet and sweet and tends to blend into the background. It takes all of Haruka’s courage to ask Akiho to date him. He believes his chances are low but takes the chance and gets the girl he admired to go out with him. We don’t mean he’s naïve and pure. He is a high school boy and is easily turned on by the things that turn on most high school boys. Haruka just keeps most of his more illicit thoughts to himself as he understands the rules of polite society a little more fully than most of the characters.

9.Saori Igarashi

We don’t often have two straight men in a show but we imagine with the amount of lewd behavior that a second one was needed to balance the scales. Class president Saori is a perfect example of a straight man, or woman in this instance. She is constantly battling Akiho and her less-than-modest statements. She is a characterization of frustration. No matter what, Saori tries to be moral, but always seems to be dragged down into the gutter with the rest of them. She was just doing what a lot of woodwind musicians do, sucking on her reed and practicing where her tongue goes, and as you can imagine that was easily misconstrued into something sexual -- especially since she plays the sex, no we mean sax. Like a lot of girls tightly wound girls, it’s really fun to watch Saori go.

8.Aoi Koshimizu

Aoi is the school nurse. We also think she might be a sexual predator. In one of her first scenes she suggests that she has boys come to nurse’s office for very thorough exams. We see on the class trip that she attempts to find a boy or two in the woods and test their courage. She even offers Haruka a key to her room when he asks for the key to the boys’ hotel room. “If you’re not feeling well you can come to me,” was one of her many suggestive statements. We know the naughty nurse trope exists in anime and other formats, it’s just this one is more than naughty; her actions could be considered downright criminal. But some of us would be more than willing for her to ask us to turn our heads and cough.

7. Seiya Hoshikawa

We have become used to the gender-fluid characters in anime over the years and in My Girl Friend is a Shobitch, Seiya Hoshikawa fills that role. Seiya is Haruka's classmate and a handsome and narcissistic boy. He is fawned over by a majority of the girls in the school. Seiya thrives on the attention, too. We are also 90% sure he’s gay or at least bisexual. The interactions we see with an oblivious Haruka, especially seen through the eyes of Haruka’s girlfriend, are extremely suggestive. Seiya constantly gets very close to Haruka and makes the lewdest comments that Haruka just doesn’t understand. Seiya’s actions tell just as much a story as his words. For example, the way he handles a suspiciously phallic shaker while cooking or is closeness with the animals of the forest as they get close to his “mushroom”.

6.Rina Saijou

Rina is a rich girl that transferred to Haruka’s school from an all-girls’ school, not that it made her sheltered. She transferred to a co-ed school in hopes of expanding her horizons by finding a boyfriend. Yes, that “expanding her horizons” implies everything you thought about her life at an all-girls’ school. Lke Akiho, she is rather at ease when it comes to talking about sex. She also seems willing to get down and dirty in her quest to figure out what boys want. Rina’s introduction to her class includes that she like to “romp about with hairy males,” and doesn’t follow up too quickly with that she has two dogs named Butter and Margarine. Later she goes on to explain how she flirts with other girls by doing it to Akiho and leaving the girl in a puddle on the floor. The discussion of the A, B, or C dish on the lunch menu makes her more than interested in Akiho’s breast size. Rina is the perfect example that you can raise someone with all the advantages in the world and they can still have the same dirty, demented mind as the rest of us. And remember according to Rina “When it goes in, you’re friends. When it goes all the way in, you’re best friends.”

5.Fuyumi Kousaka

The saying, “you got that from your mother” never rings as true as it does with Fuyumi and Akiho’s relationship. We can tell right off the bat that Akiho is her mother in miniature. She has the same purple eyes, bust size and deceiving lack of expression. Fuyumi seems to have married a person very similar to Haruka as well, given that he is very patient and has to play the straight man in the relationship. She suggests adultery, how many rubbers he has on him, and tells him about the conception of their daughter all in their first meeting. She is constantly misinterpreting every statement as something suggestive, even if it has to do with her husband and his relationship with her daughter’s boyfriend. We would all like open-minded in-laws but you really do have to draw a line somewhere.

4.Sayo Shizumori

A dirty mind can be a terrible thing to waste and this girl doesn’t waste anything. She is a friend of the class president and member of the student council. Sayo seems shy with her behavior and the way she hides her eyes with her dark black bangs. She does have an active imagination, though, and always gets wound up whenever she hears about a couple being alone together. She is very shy in personal relations, but likes to peep on romantic couples and excite herself on what she sees. Her mind wanders to what boys and girls might do when they are alone whereever they are. Her thoughts may not be visualized but she gets credit for her vigilance in watching out for people misbehaving.

3.Kanata Shinozaki

We couldn’t have a good ecchi harem anime without a little brother-sister lovin’ -- are we right? Well whether you agree with this trope or not, we have it with Kanata, Haruka’s younger sister and total brocon. We think her brocon isn’t her only issue either. She tends to take on an almost cat-like persona and is seldom seen without wearing her cat-eared hoodie. Kanata, like many cats, gets jealous when her brother shares his affections with other girls. She thinks she’s the only person cute enough to date her brother. Kanata has other cat-like qualities in that her favorite thing is for her brother to rub her head. Kanata loves to spend time in close proximity to her big brother, like sitting right next to him on his bed or even listening to his phone calls from the other side of the door. She also says things about her and Haruka’s relationship to Akiho, knowing that they’ll be misconstrued. She sits so high on this list because face it, brocon or siscon is by definition risqué behavior and out of the norm.

2.Shizuku Ariyama

Haruka is a really lucky guy. He’s got a girlfriend and more than one really cute girl that cares for him. He even has had a childhood friend that has been an older sister to him. Shizuku even has always seen him as a younger brother, too. Well, until recently. She is a senior and he’s a junior and she tends to spend as much time between classes with him as she can. She has done her best to allude to the fact that she wants him to see her differently. Haruka just identifies it as teasing by his older “sister,” like when he complains about studying for exams she comments that he’s always up to study sex. Shizuka is constantly grabbing onto him and hugging him, much to his consternation. She isn’t really doing anything overtly risqué, but she is pushing the boundaries of her established relationship with Haruka and deserves some credit for the effort.

1. Akiho Kousaka

We mentioned in the opening paragraph that Akiho is many boy’s high school dream. She is beautiful, quiet, and a model student. Haruka, being quiet himself, couldn’t help but fall for her. Akiho, however, is like a stream that looks calm on the surface but runs swift below; you’ll get all wet and carried away if you’re not careful. She is a perfect example of what happens when smart people don’t have much socialization. We do have to applaud her ability to take any conversation and find a way to slip it into the gutter. She has a very casual way of talking about sex and other topics that society says you don’t mention in public. A good illustration of this point is right after Akiho says yes to Haruka and says she’ll do her best to be a good girlfriend. She tells him she will now memorize the 48 positions to have a good time, we then see phrases like “cowgirl,” “face to face,” “side by side,” and “the plover” -- whatever the hell that position is. She is by far the most risqué of the cast and is appropriately the title character of My Girlfriend is a Shobitch.

Final Thoughts

We all grow up eventually. We gain responsibility with jobs, and friends and family. We read the paper and watch the news and talk about current affairs and sports with our co-workers. We even watch those criterion or art-house films that are supposed to make us think and appreciate art and acting. Yet, we laugh at jokes about sex that are meant to shock us. We smile and giggle when a cartoon girl flashes her panties. We take the most innocent conversation and find a way to make it sexual, just like the characters in this story. We are, at heart, still only 13 years old.

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