This Isn’t The Kind Of World I Brought You Into! – Devil’s Candy, Vol. 1 [Manga]

She’s Aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  • Mangaka : Bikkuri (Story) and Rem (Art)
  • Publisher : VIZ Media
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Supernatural
  • Published : July 2021 - Ongoing

Because of the school project, biology, in particular, Kazu has to create the best creation of his life. So he, along with the help of his best friend, Nemo, created a Devil called Pandora. Pandora’s strength and personality could cause destruction pretty much everywhere. The school may be chaotic every day, but Pandora’s presence makes Kazu’s school life more exciting and fun in its way. How will Pandora grow as a devil in a world where she was brought to life by Kazu?

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Welcome to Hemlock Heart! We accept all kinds of devils to this educational institution, and we do not take kindly toward inequality. However, we also believe matters to be settled through either debate, conversations or even battles. If you choose to fight other students to conclude, be sure you will be hurt in the process. You have been warned.

Devil’s Candy is a story of Kazu introducing Pandora to the world he and his friends live in. Of course, society consists of a large diversity of monsters. The characters are memorable, and the designs… Yo, Rem has good taste. No, not the Rem from Re: Zero. We will get into the design aspect in the later section, starting now!

Why You Should Read Devil’s Candy

1. How Long Was I Out?

This may come as strange to some readers, but holy cow, Rem didn’t hold back when it comes to the background designs, characters and the contrast. That includes Bikkuri as well. The conversations and backgrounds complement each other so well that it pulls us into their world while feeling as if the time either just slows down or speeds up. To explain things quickly, it’s like a Ratatouille moment that was mixed in a blender with Za Warudo.

2. What Is She to You?

The biology project is part of the reason why Kazu created Pandora. Even though Kazu speaks to Hitomi, a female cyclops, sometimes, he is still shy when it comes to having a conversation with girls. His actions suggest that he created Pandora to help him build confidence to talk to devils of the opposite sex.

At the same time, he sees Pandora as his daughter. He takes full responsibility to ensure he nurtures her to be a proper devil is not causing unnecessary trouble to others. Pandora is like a Frankenstein’s monster, but she learns things around her pretty quick and doesn’t talk much. But she silently enjoys the attention from others.

3. Ahhh Youth

The school has incidents happening almost every day. They served as a medium for characters to overcome them. Fighting against a mad scientist’s experiment, solving the school's ghost problems when the principal should have done it, and the fashion competition.

They also have a one-sided love between Hitomi and Kazu. Hitomi’s self-deprecating personality reminded some of us of our past, but the courage she possesses to push herself out of the comfort zone is admirable and cool. We are rooting for you, Hitomi!

Why You Should Skip Devil’s Candy

1. It’s Not Scary

Yes, the world is set into a monster society, but they don’t exhibit the horror one would have expected. This series is more of a comedy and the shenanigans the characters have to put up while enjoying their chaotic school life.

Final Thoughts

Devil’s Candy is the most immersive manga we have ever read so far. The background designs, clothes, characters and personalities felt like they are meant to each other. You will probably fall into a state where you will leave the reality and enter their world to experience the actions and comedy the story offers. The relationship between Kazu and Pandora is cute and wholesome. The character development as the story progresses is going strong. However, this series is tailored to be more comedy and less horror, so you don’t have to worry about jump scares and intense close-up shots of monsters appearing before you. When in doubt, please seek Skeleton Ninja Sensei. If you have read this manga, which chapter, scene and character is your favourite and why?

Devils-Candy-manga-Wallpaper-700x280 This Isn’t The Kind Of World I Brought You Into! – Devil’s Candy, Vol. 1 [Manga]


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