This Manhwa Will Teach You How To Snag An Alpha

Oh omegaverse, sweet nectar for fujoshis around the world! Plain ol’ yaoi stories are more than okay, but when you add male pregnancy to the mix, everything just takes a turn for the better. As this genre gained popularity, more and more artists decided to take a chance at creating their stories, with outstanding results.

How To Snag An Alpha, a story by Kimnyeong and now officially licensed in English, is becoming a fan favorite among omegaverse lovers; the right mix between comedy and drama that we were all looking for.

A Sheltered Omega And A Playboy Alpha

Like many other stories out there, How To Snag An Alpha presents us with a main character who’s an omega in search of a partner. Born in a family full of alphas, Wooyoung feels like he grabbed the short end of the stick when he finds out he’s an omega. And things only get worse when he finds he’s a recessive omega, meaning that his pheromones are not strong enough to entice an alpha. Desperately trying to find a solution to his problems, Wooyoung pretends to be a beta and goes to a party full of alphas hoping to find the right partner there.

Kyungjoo is a powerful and wealthy alpha, head of an important company who’s known for sleeping around… only with betas. This could’ve been a problem for Wooyoung, but since he’s already pretending to be a beta, he approaches the dominant alpha with a determined face. At first, Kyungjoo doesn’t spare Wooyoung a second glance, but after rescuing him from an alpha in heat, he decides to sleep with Wooyoung. However, it won’t take long for Kyungjoo to find out that Wooyoung is not a beta but a recessive omega. Will that change something about their relationship?

Comedy With A Splash Of Drama

How To Snag An Alpha is predominantly a comedy, with the characters getting into funny situations and resolving everything in an uncomplicated way. Wooyoung gets himself into trouble more often than not, especially when it comes to his very strict alpha father. Since the very beginning, Wooyoung’s dad doesn’t approve of his precious little boy getting himself involved with a nasty man like Kyungjoo and tries to lock his son in the house on several occasions. Of course, Wooyoung is hellbent on getting himself some alpha dick, so he finds ways to avoid his father and to get what he wants. As the story progresses, Kyunjoo starts feeling more and more attracted to Wooyoung, to the point where he does everything the convincing omega wants.

Don’t get too comfortable, though, because there’s some drama hiding behind all this comedy. In an attempt to separate the lovers, Wooyoung’s dad tells him that he’ll have to go to the United States after he graduates. This idea doesn’t sit well with Wooyung, who tries to escape from the house in order to avoid being sent abroad. Kyungjoo shows up at the airport and promises to wait for him to come back, making Wooyoung feel a little bit less scared about leaving. But when Wooyoung arrives in the United States, he meets Liam, another dominant alpha, who is interested in him. Look at Wooyoung go! When Kyungjoo finds out about this new love rival, he flies to the States to make sure that no one is trying to snatch his lover away from him. This ends with Kyungjoo and Wooyoung having some steamy sex in the dorm room. So refreshing, seeing a couple communicating… with their naked bodies.

Speaking of Naked Bodies…

If there’s something we all fujoshis look for in a BL story is a good plot… And good, hot sex between the characters! How To Snag An Alpha provides us with some gourmet food, that being delicious scenes where the characters go all out under the sheets… and on top of them! When Wooyoung first meets Kyunjoo, his heat suddenly comes and he’s faced with the task of convincing the dominant alpha to sleep with him. Even though he wants to say no, Kyungj9oo can’t deny Wooyoung’s request when he looks so adorable and troubled. Wooyoung’s first time is not really memorable for him, but it definitely is for us!

With the excuse of making his heat cycle become regular, Wooyoung manages to convince Kyunjoo to take care of him in bed. And so they start meeting up regularly, having sex until they can no longer feel their bodies. Sometimes, the encounters are sweet and tender, with Kyunjoo paying extra attention to all of Wooyoung’s needs; other times, the sex is rough and wild. It doesn’t seem to be a problem that the artist decided to censor the characters’ private parts because we can still get a perfect look at what goes on when these two are enjoying their intimate time together.

Final Thoughts

How To Snag An Alpha is definitely top-tier omegaverse manhwa. Not only the story is interesting, but the art is amazing and the characters are adorable. Whether you go for the clean or +18 version, you’ll end up falling in love with these two lovebirds, we can guarantee you that!

And like it usually happens with stories like this, we really wish this manhwa will go on for a long, long time...

how-to-snag-an-alpha This Manhwa Will Teach You How To Snag An Alpha

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